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Welcome to the World of Circular Fashion with ABFRL

by ABFRLadmin | March 24, 2022

When it comes to apparel and fashion, consumers seek more choices for the clothes they wear. That said, there is also a mindful effort to contribute to sustainable Brand initiatives, meant to conserve the environment and push the envelope for creativity. 

Repurpose your Clothes: Give Love Get Love initiative by American Eagle

We, at ABFRL, strive to bring several applaud-worthy initiatives to promote mindfulness and moderation. The Give Love Get Love initiative by American Eagle has been one of our most successful initiatives, which aimed to reduce the pressure on natural resources, ensuring responsible fashion. Let us look at two other initiatives, in-line with ABFRLs commitment to deliver the best to our consumers, without compromising on environment-centric best practices. 

Reuse Your Fashionable Ensembles: The Shantanu & Nikhil Buy-Back Initiative 

This program focuses on harnessing the usability of pre-loved S&N apparel, which can be reused to design new collections. Patrons are encouraged to bring their ensemble to the store for evaluation, and earn credit values to be redeemed on the next purchase from the Brand. This ensures controlled production with a reduced carbon footprint at the Brands end, and you as a happy customer, get to flaunt newer designs and collections. Click here to know how you can be a part of this program. 

Recycle in Style: The Forever Giving Initiative by Forever 21

Our youth fashion brand Forever 21 has taken concrete steps towards circularity in fashion, by initiating the #ForeverGiving take-back program in collaboration with NGO partner GOONJ. In FY 2020-21, more than 350 jackets were collected during the campaign, leading to an extended association with Give India (NGO) for their education support program. This has made the Brand more responsible and mindful of its impact on the environment, while also spreading cheerful smiles.

Upcycle memories: Converting vintage Sarees into contemporary attires with Jaypore

Our artisanal brand Jaypore has curated several ranges adopt Upcycling and Recycling using older pre-loved/pre-owned fabrics, clothes and trims. The brand offers converting old vintage Sarees into more contemporary Kurta, Jackets and Pants. For Some of its recent collections Jaypore sourced preowned Sarees as old as 50-years from thrift markets and converted them into contemporary clothing. The garments have visible mending and battle scars but there is a loyal following of consumer who champion preloved. 

Reduce waste: Masks by Jaypore

More recently, with masks becoming the new normal, Jaypore has also stepped up to start producing and selling masks made out of fabric leftover from production waste. This helps minimize environmental impact of discarding scrap as well as minimizes the use of new natural resources.

Incorporating sustainability in fashion has enabled us to innovate and create solutions around preloved garments to increase their shelf life. This leads to a closed loop to combat the problem of unwanted apparel making it to landfills. We are at the forefront of leading this change by example and will continue to strive to put in greater efforts for this cause.

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