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Give Love Get Love with American Eagles Denim Donation Initiative

by ABFRLadmin | October 20, 2021

This year, to celebrate Diwali and evoke the spirit of the season, American Eagle has partnered with The Clothes Box Foundation NGO on a denim donation program.

American Eagle aims to facilitate the reuse and refurbishment of waste garments under their Refresh upcycling initiative, which trains and employs rural women through a skill development program for curating and designing utility products out of waste fabric and help these women achieve fundamental financial independence. The pieces of denim collected will be distributed pan India.

The Clothes Box Foundation (CBF) is a Forbes Under 30, Asia listed and a National Award-winning Non-Profit organization, providing clean clothes to over 3 million less-fortunate individuals living in the 124 villages areas across India. Commenced in 2014, the NGO intends to redistribute and recycle fabric that is no longer used by the owners but could mean the world to someone in need. 

What is the American Eagle Denim Donation Initiative?
The American Eagle community prides itself on being in solidarity with each other, aligned with lifestyles, and celebrating individuality. Every year, thousands of organizations attempt to help these groups in their own unique way, and we at American Eagle chose to do the same. On the occasion of Diwali, we encourage our #AEFam to take a step and make someone elses Diwali better and spread the festive cheer.

Denim Donation Initiative is an attempt to take the comfort and freedom of denim jeans beyond the confines of the urban community. The American Eagle community has achieved great feats of self-discovery, confidence, and freedom with the idea of wearing denim jeans and we want to take this to groups and communities who have not benefited from it so far.

A larger picture that will attempt to fully realize itself – starting with the basics.

This Denim Donation Initiative will be open during of October and November on the occasion of Diwali, an auspicious time when we celebrate, love, and give more. We welcome and invite all of you to part take with American Eagle in this initiative.

Give Love – To participate, bring your pre-loved jeans to your nearest American Eagle store. Find your nearest American Eagle store here. You can also donate from the comfort of your homes. To know more click here.

Get Love – Its a time for love and giving. We value your contribution and to encourage this act of consideration and giving, we reward all donations with a 20% off for your next purchase of American Eagle #AEJeans.

How do I donate?
We make this easy for you to participate. You can either drop your pre-loved jeans to our stores near you, or our partners in this donation initiative will help pick your donation from your doorstep.

Why should you participate?

You can spread some Diwali cheer and make someones denim wish come true. Our beneficiaries are people from the most deprived sections of the society, including those far from even the farm life of villages, let alone the urban lives of cities. Men, women, children in these locations travel miles to avail of even essential services, and means of occupation available are very few. We truly believe that even a piece of cloth can give them a moment of happiness, a reason to smile and show them that someone out there cares for them. We also believe that denim as a material is not only sturdy, long-lasting but also provides protection against the harsh winter weather.

American Eagles attempt is to provide clothes to the ones who are in need. Are you with us? 

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