Investor Relations


Our Philosophy

The Aditya Birla Group is one of the pioneers in the field of corporate governance. As a part of the Group, ABFRL is committed to continuously adopt and adhere to the best governance practices, to achieve the ultimate goal of making the Company a value-driven organisation. 

We feel proud to belong to a Group whose visionary founders laid the foundation stone for good governance long back and made it an integral principle of the business. Key element of your Company’s success includes adherence to the strong set of the Group values - Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness and Speed. 

To succeed, we believe, requires highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch and the environment on which we have an impact. 

In line with the above philosophy, your Company continuously endeavours for excellence and focuses on enhancement of long-term stakeholders’ value through adoption of and adherence with the best governance practices, in true spirit at all times.