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The Music You Make At Work

by ABFRLadmin | June 21, 2024

What genre is your department most like? Put on your favourite playlist, read on and find out!

Ever thought about what music genre your function would be like if it had a soundtrack? It’s World Music Day, and I’ve been pondering this very question while listening to my mundane playlist over-and-over again. Music and corporate culture might seem worlds apart at first glance, but when you delve deeper, you find fascinating parallels. Just like every music genre has its unique rhythm and style, every department in an office has its distinct role and personality. Isn’t it intriguing to think about walking through your office with a musical backdrop that perfectly matches the vibe of each department?

Let’s take a fun, musical journey through the office, exploring how different departments harmonize with specific music genres. Trust me, by the end of this, you’ll never look at these departments the same way again!

1. Human Resources (HR) – Classical Music

HR is the backbone of any organization, much like classical music is the foundation of all modern genres. Think of HR as the soothing strings and disciplined structure of Pandit Ravi Shankar’s symphonies. They keep everything in harmony, ensuring that every note (or employee) is in place. From orchestrating new hires to handling the delicate rhythms of workplace conflicts, HR is all about maintaining balance and order.

For instance, think about your HR managing the onboarding process. Much like composing a raga, isn’t it? Making sure that every instrument plays its part. They ensure that each new employee hits the right notes from day one, creating a cohesive and productive melody.

2. Marketing – Pop Music

Marketing is undeniably the pop music of the corporate world. It’s vibrant, trendy, and always aiming to top the charts. Just like pop stars captivate their audiences with catchy tunes and flashy performances, the marketing team captivates customers with compelling campaigns and eye-catching designs. They’re the ones who keep the company in the spotlight by constantly staying ahead of the latest trends.

No really, think about it. A marketing campaign launch is like releasing a new pop single – the excitement builds as the release date approaches, the team teases the audience with sneak peeks, and when the campaign goes live, you just know everyone is aiming for those likes, shares and conversions that’ll help them top the charts.

3. Administration – Lo-Fi

Chill, dependable and always providing a soothing background to a bustling workplace, how did we not think of these parallels before? The admin team is quite lo-fi, for their steady and relaxing beats ensure a calm atmosphere to facilitate productivity.

They could be managing multiple meetings, visitor arrangements and logistical challenges all at once, but they always manage to keep things running smoothly. They follow established routines (classic beats) to make sure everything gets done without a hitch. From ensuring supplies are stocked to organising office events, they keep things smooth and stress-free, like the mellow beats of lo-fi that help everyone stay in the zone. Truly, it’s their steady bassline that keeps us all functioning harmoniously. So while they’re playing in the background, don’t brush past them, because you will definitely notice when the music stops.

4. Finance – Classic Rock

Finance is the Classic Rock of the corporate scene. It’s structured, disciplined, but also packed with energy. Just like classic rock bands follow tried-and-true patterns but still manage to thrill audiences with their performances, the finance team adheres to traditional practices while delivering exceptional results. They navigate the complex rhythms of budgets and financial strategies with the precision of a seasoned rock band, ensuring the company’s finances are always on track.

For a more clearer picture, think of the finance team’s end-of-month reporting. Now think of a classic rock band jamming on stage. Bring them together. Numbers flowing like iconic guitar tunes, calculations coming together with the intensity of a drum solo, and finally, the whole thing culminating into a perfectly balanced financial report (wow I almost grooved there!). They might follow the old ways, but they rock it every time!

5. IT Department – Electronic Dance Music

The IT department is the electronic music genre of the office – innovative, tech-savvy, and always evolving. They’re the disc jockeys behind the screens, creating beats and rhythms that keep the company at the forefront of digital innovation. From experimenting with emerging technologies to employing them seamlessly into daily operations, their work is a mix of precision and creativity, just like electronic dance music production.

For instance, I’m sure no one here’s a stranger to office servers going down. But, our very faithful IT teams suddenly spring into action at these very moments like DJs at a club – mixing solutions on the fly, and ensuring that everyone can continue to groove (or work) without interruption.

So there, do you now get the corporate symphony? Each department in your office plays its unique genre, creating a harmonious and dynamic workplace. Next time you walk through the office, listen closely – you might just hear the classical notes of HR, the pop beats of marketing, the lo-fi melodies of admin, the classic rock rhythms of finance, the electronic pulses of IT, and perhaps one that I’ve missed here? Keep a ear out for these, and if you come across yet another one, do let me know in the comments.

And remember, whether you’re a pop star in marketing or a classical guru in HR, every role is essential in creating the music that translates into your company’s success. Happy Music Day people, keep grooving!

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