This Earth Day, Make A Difference with Your Clothes

by ABFRLadmin | April 23, 2020

Considering everything we have witnessed in the recent past, there is an urgent need to help the planet stay on its path to recovery. We try to do our bit by planting trees, carpooling, switching off electrical appliances and water taps when not in use, and even recycling and managing waste, to reduce the burden on Mother Nature. But one simple thing that most of us overlook is shopping wisely. Most of us keep a sharp eye on our pockets when shopping. A penny here, a sale there, makes us really glad! But how long do the clothes you buy at throw-away prices last? How many washes do they survive?

Your clothes also have to deal with wear and tear, adding to the strain on environmental resources, something you might not realize as you probably dont exchange your clothes for new ones. In fact, clothes have something known as Cost per Wear (CPW), which is the total cost of the item by the number of times you wear it.

Lets look at a typical scenario. You have a t-shirt worth INR 400 that you will probably wear a total of 100 times. Hence, the CPW for this t-shirt comes to 4 (400/100). Instead, you pick a T-shirt for INR 700 and you end up wearing it 200 times, your cost per wear comes down to 3.5 (700/200). Looking at the bigger picture and the long term usability, when you invest in something that is made of better quality, albeit a little expensive, it ends up being more durable, hence, reducing the strain on the environments resources.

This is why, while shopping from Indian clothing brands, quality needs to be at the top of your checklist, so that you can enjoy wearing high-quality, comfortable apparel that will not only help you do your bit towards conserving nature but will also boost your confidence. While you make this your priority, here, at ABFRL, the people behind the best clothing brands for men and women, have made such environment-friendly quality clothes their utmost priority as well.

To ensure that we deliver top quality that our customers expect from us, we encourage our vendors by assessing facilities, conveying customer complaints and sharing practices for improvement. All of our products and processes go through rigorous quality and consistency checks at multiple stages to test process quality, raw materials, supplier performance and finished goods. Furthermore, through a special Quality Care Cell, we focus on understanding and addressing post-purchase consumer experiences, and relay customer feedback to the relevant channels to ensure future product and vendor developments.

This way, we ensure our consumers not only look good but also do their bit for nature while shopping. Now, its time for top fashion brands in India to rise up to the challenge and provide consumers with the best when it comes to quality clothing. Its also time for you, the consumer, to make informed decisions while shopping. After all, it is small conscious decisions like these that culminate and have a truly powerful impact on Earth.

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