Update Contact Details

Update Contact Details

Dear Shareholder,

In view of the changing times, more specifically for the current year, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India have brought about various relaxations, including but not limited to (a) sending communication, including statutory communication such as annual reports and notices to the shareholders through e-mails, and (b) conducting of general meetings via video conferencing. Further, the General Circular No. 20/2020 dated May 5, 2020 issued by the MCA, inter alia, requires companies to ensure that communication with respect to certain provisions relating to general meetings, including making of disclosures, inspection of documents, etc. are made through electronic mode.

In view of the above, the Company intends to maintain updated records of the members of the Company (the “Members”) in its database to effectively reach the Members through various modes of communication and ensure wider participation of the Members.

*Kindly note that the abovementioned process is a temporary process to enable effective communication with the Members. Members should kindly note that those who have not yet registered the abovementioned details or any other details, must register the same in respect of shares held in electronic form with the Depository through their Depository Participant(s) and in respect of shares held in physical form by writing to the Registrar.

    Please kindly fill below data:

    *Folio number should contain 7 Characters (for e.g.: 1234567) and Demat Account Number Should be 16 Characters (for e.g.: 12345678-12345678, IN123456-12345678)