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WOWing a Celeb, The Collective Style!

by ABFRLadmin | May 31, 2023

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When you work in a premium luxury brand, it is common to spot celebrities among the elite who love to dress up in the finest. However, it is equally difficult to not have a fan-person moment when someone you adore on the silver screen walks up to you for assistance. Danish Bilakhiya from The Collective Mumbai shows us how to do it right!

Imagine catching up on a few scenes from your favourite movie on your well-deserved breaktime, just to resume work and see the “star” walking up to you for help! Very few of us can keep calm and stop ourselves from gushing around them. But when you are in The Collective store, things work very differently.

When Makkal Selvan (people’s star) and renowned actor Vijay Sethupathi walked in to the store, Danish recognized him at first sight, despite his disguise. In true TCMB style, Danish welcomed him to the store courteously and made him feel comfortable, due to which Mr. Sethupathi disclosed his identity. Mr. Sethupathi explained how he was fancying a particular Gucci bag for his daughter but unfortunately didnt get access to their store due to lack of appointments and the urgency of purchasing the product as he had a flight to catch.

Danish seated his customer and got busy making a few calls to arrange for a VIP appointment. Mr. Sethupathi’s joy knew no bounds as he could now fulfil his daughters wish. He was also touched by Danish’s dedication to serve him and expressed interest to wait back to check a few pieces to surprise his daughter with additional gifts.

Overjoyed, Danish took him on a tour and explained “The Collective Store” concept. Mr. Setupathi picked up a gift-wrapped Versace Jeans Couture for his daughter with a personalized thank you note from Danish.

As Danish prepared to escort the actor to the Gucci store, Mr. Setupathi commended him on his service and experience. He informed Danish that he was overwhelmed at the leaps and bounds the latter took to help him, knowing that he wasn’t even going to shop from the store. Mr. Setupathi graciously clicked a selfie with Danish, noted his contact details and promised to visit the store the next time he was in Mumbai. The warmth of The Collective Culture is really one of a kind and Danish displayed it graciously.

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