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Walking on a Beautiful Path to Fatherhood with ABFRLites

by ABFRLadmin | June 15, 2022

Fathers: those who puts our needs and wants ahead of their own. Those who will patiently listen to our outbursts and prioritize our safety over all other considerations. A father is someone who would go above and beyond to provide us with the best of everything.

We honor and cherish fathers of all kinds; the first-timers, the strict, the unexpressive, the fun pops, the teachers, the coaches and the mentors. At ABFRL, dads have support on every step of their parenting journeys, right from paternity leave and benefits, so they give their child all of the love and attention they deserve, especially in their early days. 

Let us walk through the Beautiful Path to Fatherhood our ABFRL family.

On a Ride of a Lifetime with precious young ones

My life changed when my son Shreyes was born. On the 15th day, we almost lost him but he fought and survived, leaving an impact on his brain. He has been one of my best teachers from then on; he taught me to enjoy small moments despite all odds. My daughter Sakshi brought freshness to our life with her spontaneity. I love being around with them, when they want me the most! Sakshi and I love going around the town in the metro, bus and just walk aimlessly, exploring new places. Shreyes enjoys his long drives with the family and loves the outdoors. It is such a pleasure to see the joy on his face during our long drives. Sakshi and I have been learning to play the key board together for the last five years and we have our little competition to get appreciation from our teacher. We enjoy cooking for the family during the weekends, when Sakshi is the Chef and I am her Sous Chef. This is a routine, which has stayed with us post the lock down being lifted.

Taking a wonderous path for a special child

Fatherhood for me is a journey I embark on every day to understand how can I make a better place for my son. Being a single father to my Autistic child Anish has been an uphill climb. Given my choice of career in the retail frontline, it becomes difficult at times to maintain a balance of work and life, and fill up the gaps of a being a hands-on-parent. Sometimes I fail, but against all odds, I strive to it make it all worthwhile. There are tears of joy and agony, but at the end of the day that smile of JOY on his face makes all my worries disappear. We have a lot of fun together, solving puzzles, drawing sketches, and watching cartoons. But hes most happy when we going out and having fast food!

Kickstarting a journey of changed perspectives 

Fatherhood is a special feeling; I feel privileged to explore various aspects of my childs behaviour, alongside nurturing and helping to shape her life and personality. It also has given a new direction to my life where all my life decisions are centred around her. At times I hide myself behind the door and call out her name, to which she starts looking around to spot me. Once she sees me, the happiness in her eyes is something I look forward to every day.

Flying like a superhero with bro-daddy

Being father has given me immense joy of reliving my childhood with my son. Even after long stressful day, the smile on his face re-energises me. Though hes very tiny, we are the superheroes of our world. Hes the Hulk that beats the Iron Man with just an infection smile and a few tantrums.

Let us appreciate the sacrifices our daring dads make for us on Father’s Day by celebrating their love and enthusiasm. Let us recall the path from teaching us to walk, learning to drive and eventually fly with the confidence.

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