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Try these 4 shades to boost productivity at work

by ABFRLadmin | November 20, 2020

What sights make you extremely happy? Is it the multi-colour hue of a rainbow? The calming blues of the sea? The cheery yellows of the sunrise? Or the lush greens of the trees? 

Colours always manage to add a splash of excitement to life. They brighten up the dullest of days. So, what if you brought these same mood-changing colours into your work wardrobe? 

In a year where your productivity might have faced an all-time low, you can use colours to end the year on a high. By picking and choosing the right shades, you can elevate your mood, positively impacting your productivity at work. 

Here are four shades that will help you do so.


For the days when you want to stand out, such as during presentations, red should be your go-to colour. As one of the strongest and boldest colours, red is a sure way to grab peoples attention. It is also stimulating, lively, and friendly, pushing you to give your best to your work.

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You can choose to wear bright or subdued shades of red, depending on your style and your work environment. For maximum impact, pair your red apparel with monochrome shades, preferably in black and white.

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For the days when you have work that will require a lot of your brain-power, you should look towards the shade of blue. Blue encourages intellectual activity, reason, and logical thought. As a soothing colour, it also encourages reflection.

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Within blue itself, different shades impact you differently. Strong shades of blue stimulate clear thought while softer and lighter shades calm your mind and help in concentration. Choose the shade of blue that is most suited to your professional needs.

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If you have an assignment coming up that tends to overwhelm you, you can calm yourself by wearing shades of green. Green gives a sense of refreshment, harmony, and equilibrium by reminding you of nature.

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The beauty of this colour is that it has an entire spectrum of shades to choose from, ranging from emerald to lime green. Pick a shade you feel most at ease in, a shade that calms you from within.

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If you are lacking the motivation to complete a task, yellow is a shade that can help you. It is the strongest psychological colour, associated with a happy and playful mood. Yellow can help you in many areas of your work, as it impacts your self-esteem, emotions, and creativity.

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The tricky thing about yellow is to choose the correct shade. Experiment and browse through different shades before picking the one that complements you the most. After all, this is going to be your go-to apparel on dreary workdays.

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By trying out these shades, and all their different variations, you can be your most productive self, despite the set of challenges this year has thrown your way.

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