The ‘C’ Factor

We at ABFRL, present stories excerpted from our internal newsletter ‘In Touch’, where we celebrate stories of our people and their contributions.

Janet Arole, AVP and Head – Corporate Communications, and Editor of the award winning internal Newsletter ‘In Touch’ walks us down memory lane on her association with the Fashion and Retail industry.

Love, appreciation, belonging, happiness… all these emotions create a sense of peace within one self.

‘Caring’ is one such human emotion that sums it all. When an organization truly cares for its people, the relationship creates magical moments for everyone. I remember during the thick of COVID lockdowns, when our Chairman, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla and our MD – Mr. Ashish Dikshit took the time to address all of us, it created a sense of emotional backup that they are there for us in these tough times, no matter how difficult the situation is. I believe when a Company cares for its people, 50% of our internal demons are already tackled.

Our endeavour with ‘In Touch’ has always been to portray the caring side of ABFRL, the humane side of our people, the challenges they faced and how they emerged strong and tall. When we show care and empathy towards our fellow brethren, we also create the happy hormones in our system that has multiple positive effects. To care and to be cared, what an awesome feeling!

A simple gesture of caring can go a long way to create deep bonds, bonds that can last a lifetime – strong and beautiful. Life is beautiful, live life to the fullest.

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