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Stress Awareness Day: Radhika from Jaypores Apparel Team shares her mantras

by ABFRLadmin | April 23, 2021

The pandemic has entered the second year, bringing its own set of challenges and obstacles for corporate life. In our special Stress Awareness Week series, we speak to ABFRLites in corporate jobs exposed to high-stress environments and learn how they tackle stress on the job and find work-life balance.


Radhika Chhabra, Business Head, Apparel  Jaypore, heads the buying and sourcing of all apparel stitched and unstitched for Jaypore. She further conceptualizes and buys stitched apparel from Private labels for the brand.

As part of her everyday work, she deals with a variety of people, from an artisan at a remote location to a person who runs a high-end fashion boutique. From crossing language barriers to negotiating and closing high-stakes deals, Radhika is no stranger to stress. Read ahead to know how she tackles stress head-on.

Is there a process you follow when you feel stressed at work?

Yes, I try and do deep breathing exercises, get up and take a short walk, chat with a friend and once I feel relaxed, I get back to work.  

What advice would you give people managing work and family stress at the same time?

One must first recognize that the stress they are experiencing is not unique to them and that most people undergo similar experiences. It is okay to ask for help or for some me time so that you can sort out your stress.

How should you convey to teammates that you are facing workplace stress, without being snappy or without emotions getting in the way?

Be honest and upfront about it with them. Times are different right now and it’s almost normal to face stress at work due to various reasons, so to call that out is the first step. Ask for help if need be, or just enjoy some time away from work.

What is a good way to say no to more work when you already have a lot on your plate?

I believe in being honest with the person at the moment the task is being given out. Don’t refuse outright, but establish that you already have previous tasks that you are working on and will address it post that.

How do you avoid feeling overwhelmed when facing stress at work?

Maintaining a schedule to the best of my ability, taking small breaks during the work day, and trying to not work on weekends.

One line of advice on stress management you wish someone had told you?

That its okay to feel stressed and its not a sign of weakness if one asks for help.

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