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Setu Ojha, Group Manager, Simon Carter Decodes the perfect Interview ensemble

by ABFRLadmin | June 30, 2021

After embracing the much-loved loungewear that demands little to no sartorial imagination, knowing what to wear for a virtual interview might pose, for many, a carnival of conundrums. After all, though the new normal may bring with it a revised list of etiquettes pertaining to a job interview. What remains constant, is the saying dress to impress.

Heres where Setu Ojha, Group Manager, Simon Carter can help you put together the perfect interview ensemble. From for high-end formalwear to Suits, Blazers, Trousers, to ethnic wear for men, Setu has been instrumental in helping men with power dressing through many ABFRL brands. Read on to know her interview dressing mantras.

1.   First thing you notice about an interviewee.

Body language and confidence are obvious indicators. A sharp appearance is equally essential.

2.   Important fashion areas to focus on while getting ready for an interview.

A well-groomed presentation speaks volumes. Attention to minute details such as choice of watch, socks, or perfume are always plus points.

3.   Colors to don for maximum impact.

A classic solid or striped shirt in white or a light-coloured shade of blue or pink, and a blue or grey trouser would be appropriate. Do try and avoid black blazers.

4.   Blazers, are they in or out of fashion?

One can never go wrong with blazers, when going for an interview. Be it a pantsuit with a light-coloured shirt, a knee-length formal shirt paired with a blazer, or, if its a fashion house you are interviewing for, a long stylish blazer with stylised trousers. Blazers help elevate any attire and create a lasting impression.

5.   A must-have item for the perfect interview outfit.

Wearing a watch indicates professionalism and reliability. A sharp-looking blazer is a must have for every candidate as it conveys seriousness and sincerity and can transform any kind of attire into a symbol of strength.

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