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Plan an Offbeat Vacation with ABFRL this World Tourism Day

by ABFRLadmin | September 22, 2021

With the world slowly returning to a somewhat normal way of life, we have all missed out on travelling the most. The new normal has transformed us all to the extent that even introverts are craving travel and human interaction. However, travelling has become more challenging than ever, not only because of the safety concern but also because a swarm of tourists that already await you.

Lets be real, your Instagram feed is brimming with friends all travelling to mainstream locations. So why not stand out from the crowd and try offbeat vacations? Our employees at ABFRL have travelled far and wide to bring high-quality fashion to all part of India. Now, they share with you some pages from their travelogues, to bring you locations from different corners of the country that are not trodden by many. While there, you can also indulge in retail therapy at our brand stores located in in the nooks and corners of the country.

Embark on a spiritual journey at Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh

Chitrakoot, a booming town in Karwi district, UP is most underrated locations in the country. Famous for the religious haven Chitrakoot Dham on the bank of Mandakini River, lose yourself in the spiritual aarti conducted every evening. Explore major attraction points including Ramghat, Gupt Godavari caves and the Kamadgiri Parikrama, a trail that covers around 5Km, for a unique and tranquil experience.

The city is bounded in the north by Kaushambi, in the south by Satna (MP) and Rewa (MP), in the east by Prayagraj (UP) and in the west by Banda (UP).

How to get there: The closest airport to Chitrakoot Dham is the Allahabad Airport, which is approximately 120 kilometres away and has flights to major destinations such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata.

Indulge in Retail Therapy with Peter England: We inaugurated our newest Peter England Chitrakoot store in June 2021, and this store has become a one stop-shop for the fashionistas of the city.

With contributions from: Mohit Virmani, Regional Business Manager  East, Peter England

Rejuvenate at Ooty and Coonoor hill stations, Tamil Nadu

Remember the rolling fogs in the famous Bollywood film Raaz that made Ooty such a rich and enticing location? The Queen of Hill stations is located in the Nilgiris District in Tamil Nadu. While the rest of the world visits Manali, you can stand out and visit Ooty. The picturesque location has something for everyone- from tea tasting experiences in Nilgiri plantations to adventures around scenic lakes and waterfalls. Indulge in peaceful walks in the beautiful gardens and joyous mountain train rides, which is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

180 Mciver, Coonoor; Nilgiri Hills; Tea Plantation, Ooty

Just 17 kilometres away from the gorgeous hill station is Coonoor. Coonoor offers the weary traveller and foodie a visit to 180 Mciver Villa for lunch or breakfast at the La Belle Vie. You can devour your delicious meal with a stunning landscape view of the hills and plantations.

How to reach: The nearest airport to both Ooty and Coonnor is the Coimbatore International Airport, which has direct flights to Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Sharjah and New Delhi. From the airport, buses and taxis are available to reach both locations.

Shop till you drop: We opened our Peter England store in Ooty in 2016, and this store has received a positive response from consumers of the town with a range of collections to pick from.

With contributions from Vaibhav Annam, Regional Business Manager  South, Peter England

Going back to 600BC at Lalganj, Bihar:

If you are a bit of a history nerd, you will love Lalganj in the Vaishali District of Bihar. Home to religious tourism, the location holds many relics of Buddhist and Jain importance. Vaishali finds its origin way back in history from the Mahabharata period. It is the place where democracy found its origin around 600BC.

Ancient Ashoka Stambha, Vaishali

Numerous references to Vaishali are found in texts pertaining to both Jainism and Buddhism, which have preserved much information on Vaishali and the other Maha Janapadas. Based on the information found in these texts, Vaishali was established as a republic by the 6th century BC, prior to the birth of Gautama Buddha in 563, making it the worlds first republic.

How to reach: Lucknow Airport is the closest to Lalganj and is about 84kilometers away. Taxis are available to reach the quaint town from the airport.

Splurge on yourself: Our Peter England Lalganj store is one of the newest members in our family, as it opened doors in August 2021 with a lot of pomp. Pick up fresh fashion during your visit.

A slice of unchartered adventure at Similiguda, Odisha

In case history doesnt excite the wanderlust in you, go on an adventure ride in Similiguda instead.

Dumduma waterfalls and eastern ghat Koratour, Similiguda

Travel eastwards towards the rising sun to reach Odisha and familiarise yourself with the exciting terrain of Similiguda, Koraput District. Located in the Eastern Ghats, it is known for its hilly terrain, rich and diverse types of mineral deposits and its tribal culture and traditions. Home to the Similiguda waterfall, the district presents you with the horsetail type waterfall 175 metres (574 ft) in height, formed by the Machkund river. You can also get a feel of the mountains by visiting Deomali, a mountain peak in the Chandragiri-Pottangi subrange of the Eastern Ghats.

How to Reach: Similiguda is located near Koraput town in the Koraput district. You can book a flight to Vishakhapatnam and then choose to travel by car or train.

Shop Around: We also opened doors to our Peter England Similiguda store in midst of the COVID second wave to bring some hope at the end of the tunnel to our patrons in the town.

With contributions from Jyoti Singh, Regional Business Manager  East, Peter England

Live your best wanderlust life in these gorgeous locations with our handy guide and get yourselves a little souvenir to remind you of your adventurous trips. Sometimes, the road less taken needs a little bit of guidance too!

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