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Our Fathers Unexpressed Affection

by ABFRLadmin | June 14, 2023

Papa dekh lenge (Dad will take care of it) is something that weve always believed in our hearts, even if we havent spoken it out loud.

It obviously goes without saying that fathers are remarkable individuals who hold a special place in our hearts. They are the ones who always stand by our side, providing us with unwavering support, unconditional love, and invaluable guidance throughout our lives. Although fathers may not always express their affection in the same way as mothers, they possess their unique ways of demonstrating their love. From heartfelt actions to wise words of advice, fathers never fail to show how much they care. On Fathers Day, we celebrate all the ways in which they do so!

The Unwavering Rock

Mera beta koi guzra hua waqt nahi hai, jo laut kar waapas nahi aa sakta! (My son is not the time that has passed away, which cannot come back)When Paresh Rawal said that on screen, even the toughest ones, felt a lump in their throats. Fathers might have a silly habit of praising you usually when youre not around, but they would always have your back. They would take pride in your accomplishments, and will boast about it in their friend circles after adding reasonable stuffing!

The Polite Enquirer

He definitely loves you more than you can think of, but hes just not going to say it. What does he do instead? He checks on you in a restrained, but constant manner. If youre going out – one call to see if you reached, one to ask if you’ve left. Even in that 20 second conversation before he gives away the phone to your mom hell ask how youre doing, hows the weather, what do you need!
Its always about you, but never about him. So, the next time he checks up on you, know that hes saying I love you. And dont forget to ask about him.

The Reluctant Banker

Most of us wouldve got the tumhara Baap ATM machine nahi hai (Your dad is not an ATM) message, sometime or the other, in spoken word or via a dagger stare! From asking for pocket money as a kid, to that 2-wheeler you just cant do without or that laptop thats stopping you from academic excellence, or that Goa trip that will surely get cancelled just because you wont go, weve all been there. As strongly as you know, paise ped pe nahi lagte (Money doesnt grow on trees), you have an even stronger belief that ultimately he will give in. And whats the reason for this faith? Because you know he loves you, and also that this is how[1]  he will express it. All the drama included!

The Life Coach

Whether its a broken friendship, a tough day, or youre just navigating through your romantic milestones, we all know who would be there. Sometimes silently watching from the sidelines, sometimes in the thick of things, but always there to have your back.

He would be there to have the talk, to tell you about his bachpan (childhood) and jawani ke (youth) experiences. Now that you look back, you know that all those talks were the purest form of love and support he had to offer you.

The Final Approver

Now this one historically may have been a little more applicable for the girls out there, but weve been told theres more gender equality here than what is believed to be! Cause when mom says no, we all know where to go!

Mothers often take on the role of the day-to-day disciplinarians in the family, setting rules and restrictions. So of course, weve all had those moments when we run to our fathers after our carefully crafted and strategically timed proposals got the usual rejection from mom. Now that you think about it – you always knew hes going to get you that permission, didnt you? Well, thats how he expressed his love!

The Fableman

Now that were in 2023, we might not be hearing too many of those crossing a flooded river to go to school story, but we definitely have our shares of our fathers legends. In the given moment, we mightve felt more like rolling our eyes than getting regaled by those chronicles, but now we realize how those tales always had a story behind them. Stories that were to become our lessons, guiding lights and motivation as we stepped into adulthood and stepped out into the unknown. Stories that meant how much he cared for us, and how he loved us, without actually saying it!

And now to let the realization really dawn on you, these are not different people weve been talking about. These have been all our fathers all along. The voice and advice of your subconscious, the wind under your wings, the hand on your shoulders, its all always been him!

Fathers have all these special ways, and many more to constantly tell us how much they love us. This Fathers Day, lets hear those unsaid words. This Fathers Day, let him know that you know!

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