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Meet Zoe: Everyones new best friend @ ABFRL

by ABFRLadmin | October 10, 2022

Celebrating his second work anniversary on May 5, 2022, Zoe joined the ABFRL team to further our vision of providing employees with seamless access to information that makes their work lives efficient. A joint collaboration of the IT and HR functions at ABFRL, he is a virtual friend to employees and is available 24/7 to help them with solutions to workplace-related queries. Over the years, Zoe has built a beautiful relationship with his peers with his helpful nature and prompt responses. Given his superb performance, Zoe has steadily expanded his expertise to become everyones confidant. Our digital HR partner, Zoe has become the poster boy for our internal digital footprint! Our employees agree with us, and when asked about their take on Zoe, this is what they had to say:

With Zoes nudges, I am ready to celebrate Birthdays and work anniversaries!

Zoe is like a friend to all of the employees in the Organization. My experience with it has been really good so far. The inception of Zoe is one of the many initiatives by the Organization that speak volumes about the importance that is placed on internal digitization. Personally, I make use of the quick links to access policy and payroll-related documents to clarify my queries. Zoe acts as a point of support for us all. From notifying us of work anniversaries and birthdays of our colleagues and providing us with the option of wishing them, to making it exceptionally easy to download the holiday list, it truly makes work-life exponentially easier. One of the features that I would really like to see integrated into Zoe is voice response, as I am sure that it’ll greatly improve the user experience.

Zoe wished me on completing my probation!

My experience with Zoe has been amazing. It has a number of features. Since salary slip details can be accessed via Zoe, there is hardly a need to open another portal. He notifies us of birthdays and work anniversaries of colleagues. Zoe is a one-stop destination for quite a few of our daily asks. Last month, when I completed my probation period, Zoe wished me in advance! A massive thank you to the HR team for introducing us to Zoe.

Zoe comes to my rescue

Ive been interacting with Zoe both on account of actual enquiry and curiosity for some time now. My last couple of interactions with it involved me asking for a few HR and policy documents, and each time I found Zoe to be prompt with its responses. It’s extremely helpful to have a digital HR partner such as Zoe since it saves several man-hours by acting as the first layer of communication. I would like to see it being more extensively used in matters related to PF, LTA, leave applications, and personal declarations, among other things.

From managing my holiday calendars to my virtual meetings, Zoe is my favourite EA

I find Zoe very helpful. Since its inception, I have found it convenient to navigate through the HR portal without having to search for anything. Zoe has quite a few features that play an instrumental role in making work-life easier. The two features that I make use of the most are the quick links to access the holiday calendar and the salary slips. I have yet to explore its other offerings, but constant reminders from Zoe help me keep track of them.

Zoe became my support and strength during the pandemic

I started using Zoe back in 2021, when COVID was at its peak. It helped me gain awareness about the crucial services that ABG was providing. From keeping a check on the vaccination status to getting quick updates on the changing COVID trends, Zoe was and continues to remain a true ally to us all. It brings us fresh and real-time updates through the medium of quizzes and Zoe inshorts. He also notifies us of birthdays and work anniversaries of colleagues, thereby helping us build stronger connections with our colleagues. I am looking forward to receiving more feature updates and seeing more of what Zoe has to offer. 

Today, digitalization is no longer a “could-have” or a “nice-to-have”, it is a “must-have”. In the past few years, its significance has shot up, and rightfully so. We as an Organization are always on the lookout for new ways to increase employee efficiency and productivity. It makes us extremely happy to find out that our employees are resonating with the digital initiatives that we are investing in to make their work life as seamless as possible.

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