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Looking Back@2021: ABFRL Innovations That Made Our Lives Better

by ABFRLadmin | December 23, 2021

As we prepare to welcome another year with pomp and show, hoping for new opportunities to knock on our doors, we cant help but take note of the past two years that changed the world as we know it. Organizations took it upon themselves to prepare everyone for the ongoing pandemic and the challenges that followed.

The innovative minds at ABFRL morphed fashion into stylish yet utilitarian additions to the lives of our customers. They delivered and how! Our Brands pushed boundaries to create fashion statements that are here to stay.

Stay Stylish and Safe with Origami Masks by Louis Philippe:

The origami masks are a new way to stay safe and look stylish. Masks have become a staple in our wardrobes with new additions to help us coordinate with our outfits and look our best. The masks offer a high level of filtration, have soft elastic bands and have an anti-microbial finish. They are also breathable making them the perfect company for the morning jog youve been putting off.

Stay safe and stylish with Louis Philippe

One Accessory, Many Styles with Multiway Scarf by Van Heusen:

Scarves are another accessory everybody has been stocking up on, in the dearth of stylish masks. However, with the winters approaching, scarves need to be multipurpose on the off-chance that you forget to carry your coat. If you live in a place where winters are just a breeze, the multiway scarf by Van Heusen is the perfect way to dress up.

Go the multiway with Van Heusen

Around the World with G99 Plus Antiviral Range by Van Heusen:

The G99 plus antiviral t-shirts range has been a revolutionary product by Van Heusen. Not only does the color look stylish but the slim fit accentuates your body perfectly making it your go-to attire without safety concerns. Stay protected in any weather, all thanks to Van Heusen.

Travel safe with Van Heusen

A Warm and Safe Hug from Allen Solly:

A good jacket is a lifesaver and the Allen Solly protective jacket stands true to its name. Equipped with a protective hood, the jacket is wrinkle-resistant, quick dry, extremely soft and has high-filtration efficiency. This means you can stuff it in your bag as you go out on early morning hikes.

Stay wrapped in style with Allen Solly

Wield the Shield with Louis Philippe:

While masks are a great way to ensure you remain safe from the deadly virus, face shields are an additional barrier of protection whenever you step outside. If you wear glasses and cannot deal with the mask fogging up your peepers, the anti-fogging shield acts as the best substitute. Impact resistance keeps the shield safe from being shattered and keeps you looking sharp.

The shield to the rescue with Louis Philippe

In the past two years, we have been resilient in the face of adversity. Ring in the New Year with happiness, safety and more revolutionary innovation.

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