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Leaders of Innovative Change: ABFRL Goes Digital for Quality Control

by ABFRLadmin | February 18, 2022

Have you ever pondered over the making of your favourite t-shirt from your preferred ABFRL Brand? The effort taken to design, manufacture and market this t-shirt and many other products is immense. As a family of successful brands, ABFRL makes sure that the product that reaches the customer is complete in every sense, never compromising on quality.

Each product undergoes stringent quality and assurance processes before reaching the customer on various aspects of manufacturing garments including quality and standard of fibre, yarns, fabric construction and colour fastness. However, while all these processes have been manual all these years, the pandemic brought in a paradigm shift in the way we needed to reimagine these processes in the digital space.

A pressing need for Innovation

Financial year 20-21 began with the challenge of a global pandemic, an unexpected and unprecedented experience. Travel was restricted, as a result of which delivery and processes were being hampered. It became challenging to assure quality at the source of manufacturing. All quality control processes go through many hands before they reach the customer, as physical presence is vital in quality operations. Holding physical meetings for vendor’s orientation, factory training and regular monitoring to achieve the desired manufacturing quality became harder than ever.

Finding a workable solution

Some concrete, actionable steps were taken to combat the aforementioned challenge. In this critical phase, the use of digital platforms including MS teams, QA App, and Zoom proved to be a boon and were soon adopted across the supply chain to make it more robust. The Quality control function not only adopted new-age technology but also leveraged digital platforms. They strived to support key business functions to continue delivering best quality products to our consumers. 

Delivery quality products, every time: 

As a result of the action taken, work eciency and eectiveness improved significantly with the use of digital platforms. Knowledge transfer to a larger team became easier than one with a physical presence. Large number of stakeholders were trained in a short duration, and engagement between employees became easy and more meaningful. It also helped in nurturing quality skills of over 300 people. Factory training, vendor awareness programme, QA certification, right process execution on digital platforms saved costs due to good quality product deliverance.  Furthermore, without physical travel new factories from India and overseas were on-boarded through Virtual Factory Evaluation, which made use of digital platforms such as Zoom and methods such as Sampling Analysis to review factories and their performance.

It is important to strive to deliver quality products to the customer and this sentiment runs through all the efforts ABFRL brands undertake, to deliver quality products to the customer time and again, unfailingly.

ABFRL Brands have led the way in the areas of sustainability and innovation and proved time and again that true leadership is rooted in values that essentially lead to growth for all.

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