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#KahaaniAzadiKi: With Love from ABFRL

by ABFRLadmin | August 19, 2022

If you look around closely, youll realize that stories are in abundance. All they need is to be heard. Every Independence Day, as we retell stories of the Indian freedom struggle, let us take a few moments to narrate stories of our own that led us to think, feel, believe, and finally say out loud, “I am free.”

Signs of Change and Freedom

As long as inclusion reigns, freedom will be experienced and enjoyed by all. Hailing from Chhattisgarh, Nuvaid Khan is a Customer Care Assistant at Van Heusen, who has found a team that accommodates him and provides him with endless support. He enjoys being a part of a workplace that is inclusive in the most absolute sense, with his co-workers having learnt sign language, especially to communicate with him. Being able to talk to those around him and have them talk to him in the language he speaks and understands is what ultimately makes him feel happy and free.

Where there is acceptance, freedom follows

A native of the Kolar district in Karnataka, Syed Bakhi is a Customer Care Assistant at Peter England. He enjoys being a part of a stress-free work environment and having a healthy work-life balance. To Syed, freedom is synonymous with feeling happy and being accepted for who he is by those around him, and at ABFRL, he has found it.

Free to be oneself

The journey to seeking freedom often starts with having a strong support system. A housekeeping in-charge at the factory, Nambike Mary joined Madura Clothing 25 years ago as a tailor. The factory has held a maternal presence in her life throughout and has helped her sail through turbulent times. She even claims that it has supported her more than her parents. During the pandemic, when she was hospitalized, she received great support from the company toward her recovery. Mary acquires her sense of freedom from being able to work hard, be financially independent, and provide for her family. Being given a chance to be able to do all that she truly desires to do is what ultimately makes her feel free.

Stories like these make you realize that a true sense of freedom is often found in the little things.

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