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International Day of Happiness: ABFRLites Share Their Notion of Bliss!

by ABFRLadmin | March 15, 2023

At ABFRL, from cubicles where the rampant sound of tapping keys is permanent; to stores where there is a constant hustle to offer the best customer service to help people dress to their nines, little nuggets of joy finding their way into our lives every day. From that 5-minute break, the cafeteria gup-shup, or joking around with work besties, these moments make us wake up and come to work every single day. To celebrate International Day of Happiness, we asked ABFRLites to share memories that made them happiest. Here is a glimpse of those wonderful times.

The source and celebration of happiness differs from person to person, but the feeling remains exuberantly the same. Whether it is a Lego set gifted to the nephew or a cell phone that makes a father relive childlike wonder; little things matter!

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