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Indulge in Self-Care and Wellness with ABFRL

by ABFRLadmin | October 6, 2021

Maintaining a work-life balance especially through a pandemic, when every aspect of life has fused together and become one, has been increasingly difficult. Between long hours of sitting in front of the screen to getting anxious at the thought of interacting with people outside your comfort zone, adjusting to the new normal has definitely taken a toll on people. We often forget to take care of ourselves while we take care of everything around us and self-care is greatly neglected. 

Well, not anymore! We at ABFRL, understand that it is not possible to book a salon appointment every time you feel like getting pampered and so, we bring you the best of self-care beyond expensive beauty treatments. 

Workout for self-care:

Exercise is the best way to turn that frown upside down. The rush of endorphins pulls you out of your dull day and makes you feel rejuvenated. Get your body moving with Van Heusen activewear with its rapid dry properties to keep you cool and dry after you are done sweating out all your worries. 

Practice proactive self-care with Van Heusen Activewear for him and her 

Boost of Vitamin C:

The benefits of Vitamin C are endless; the magic potion helps you keep wrinkles at bay, clears your skin and makes it supple. Add to it the goodness of turmeric and Hyaluronic acid and you have the best thing for your skin. The Ziya Vitamin C serum from Jaypore helps to get rid of acne scars and increases collagen production so you keep glowing all day long. 

Jaypore’s Vitamin C serum brings back your glowing skin

Roll Your Troubles Away:

The blue light from your screen, pollution and stress can wreak havoc on your beautiful skin. Jaypores pure 24K gold leaf infused essential oil with a rose quartz face roller helps reduce fine lines, depuff your face, smoothen smile lines and make your skin firmer. When used correctly, you can also change the contours of your face and make that puffy double chin disappear. Make sure to roll upwards to lift up your eyebrows and give yourself a chiselled appearance. 

Get a fresh look with Jaypores unique roll therapy

Bring Home the Stars with Pantaloons:

Candles can transform any space into a cozy haven. The soft candlelight is a great way to practice self-care and spend time with a great book or a special someone. The patterned candles from Pantaloons cast beautiful patterns in the room making it a starry night to remember. 

Starry nights with Pantaloons

Get some body-loving:

The body is as important as the face and with the weather changing, your skin is more likely to become dry and dehydrated. Give yourself the hydration boost with Jaypores 100% Natural Basil and Lavender Body Butter, suitable for all skin types. The lavender in the body butter is soothing to the senses if you have a keen sense of smell and is great for early morning or late-night outings.

Jaypores Basil & Lavender Body Butter is the detox you need

Three times a charm with Pantaloons:

Pairing metal with glass, these candle holders from Pantaloons make a gorgeous addition to your living room or even bathroom when you want to relax in a bubbly bath all by yourself. The candles cast a golden glow in your space and make it magical. 

Celebrate me time with Pantaloons

Get that Rosy Glow:

Rose water has been a staple in skincare for a long time. The versatile rose water can be mixed with Jaypores Shrikamya Face Beauty Oil for the ultimate skincare experience. Follow the basic process to get the most out of the face massager – ZigZag – on forehead, nose & cheeks, Out and Up – on forehead, cheeks and jawline, Outward Circular – on forehead, cheeks & jawline. Massage on the centre of the eyebrows to destress those zoom call lines and achieve nirvana. 

Jaypores beauty kit offers the massage of your dreams

Nourished Hair Today for a Healthy Tomorrow:

Let your hair down and add an extra nourishing step to your hair routine. Packed with the benefits of Pahadi Apple Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Plant Protein-Corn and Soy, and Bhringraj, the Amayra Hair masque from Jaypore is a creamy mix to give your hair much needed tender love and care. The masque repairs damaged, frizzy and unmanageable hair making you ready to run into Monday with luscious locks.  

Jaypore’s hair masque to pamper your hair

Self-care and wellness is a great tool to have by your side to fight off burnout blues. Take some time to rejuvenate yourself so you can keep conquering your goals without breaking a sweat!

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