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Go Blue: The new Shade of Comfort and Confidence

by ABFRLadmin | April 30, 2021

As informal dressing becomes more popular in the work from home scenario, denims have become an essential part of the professional wardrobe. Picking the right denims can make you comfortable and confident in your skin. Let your personality shine through while also making a statement to give your best at work.

If you have been wanting to expand your denim wardrobe, Van Heusens new sub-brand, Denim Labs offers everything you need. You will enjoy true freedom of movement while feeling sharp, stylish, and comfortable.

If you want to do your bit for the environment while you look and feel dapper, the American Eagle Real Good products will show you the way. The Real Good badge indicates the use of sustainably produced or sourced materials, such as recycled polyester and nylon, or recycled, organic, or sustainably sourced cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative. This special range is made with love and water conservation practices.

Denims for women

The Chic Shirt

Who said denims need to be restricted to only bottom wear? A denim top will help you make a statement wherever you go. Bring the perfect blend of formal and casual to your wardrobe with this blue denim shirt from Van Heusen.

Van Heusens Chic Shirt brings your A-Game to the table

The Flattering Jeans

When you have such a stylish and comfortable pair of jeans in your work wardrobe, you can team them with any formal or semi-formal shirt. Find such office-ready jeans only at Van Heusen.

These flattering Jeans from Van Heusen help you enhance up your ensemble

The Gorgeous Jacket

You can lend a chic edge to any attire, from dresses and ethnic suits to shirts with a classic denim jacket. This classic denim jacket from American Eagle will put you at ease and allow your personality to shine through.

American Eagles classic denim jacket adds more pep to your style statement

Denims for men

The Cool Jacket

If you wear a denim jacket to your workplace, you can be rest assured that you will stand out and remain comfortable all day long. You can take it a step further and make a statement is by wearing denim-on-denim from American Eagle. 

American Eagles Denim jacket keeps you comfortable all day

The Comfortable Dad Jeans

For those who prefer loose-fitted clothes and yet look stylish, these jeans are the best. Dad jeans guarantee you comfort, while the wash and dye from American Eagle give your look a certain charm.

American Eagles Dad Jeans helps you be at your charming best

The Statement Shirt

Such is the power of this shirt from Van Heusen that you can wear it for meetings over a pair of pants or jeans to look casual without appearing too laid back. The cut, fit, and colour of the shirt will ensure you remain comfortable while making heads turn wherever you go.

Make a power statement with Van Heusens denim shirts

Denims for the environmentally-conscious

The Balanced Jeans

These Airflex jeans from American Eagle  are neither too loose nor too tight and fit just right. The lightweight flexibility and comfort of these jeans will keep you relaxed as you conquer challenges that come your way.

American Eagles  Airflex jeans fit just right

The Second Skin 

These skinny, high-waist jeans will boost your confidence with their soft, stretchy denim that never lose its shape. The high-waist jegging crop jeans from American Eagle are the perfect companion for the days you want to feel comfortable in your skin.

American Eagles Second Skin is the perfect companion to spruce up your confidence

The Jean Jogger

For the days you want feel comfortable 24/7, you can pick these joggers from American Eagle. They will instantly make you feel at ease as you go around completing your tasks for the day.

Stay relaxed in American Eagles Jean Jogger

With denims in your wardrobe, you can achieve all you set out to do professionally with confidence and comfort constantly by your side.

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