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Flexing Your Competitive Prowess at Madura Championship 2021

by ABFRLadmin | May 11, 2022

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Madura Championship, fondly referred to as the Madura Olympics, is a much-awaited event that has been engaging employees across the organization for over a decade. This year, the contests were played in the Virtual World, with the same zest and spirit to win!

At our Madura HO, there is not a single soul who isnt excited about the festivities, of the Madura Championship. This is a two-month long extravaganza, where employees participate in several fun and exciting sports and games including Cricket, football, Badminton, Chess, Antakshari, across various locations.

With the onset of the pandemic, life went on an extended pause, as all efforts were directed to flatten the impact of the second wave. But in 2021, Madura Championship made its grand re-entry in a virtual avatar. These contests bring together different brands and functions in the spirit of sportsmanship, along with an opportunity to get to know colleagues better and build lasting bonds with them irrespective of teams, function, or positions.

Teams and captains were announced with great fanfare, and the virtual war of the captains had everyone pumped up for winning in style. Each of the teams were assigned Sponsors from ex-comm and man-comm teams, who would earn them 100 additional points for participation!

There is always something for everyone to showcase their diverse talents at the Madura Championship. From strategic thinking, general knowledge or family fun, the events offered everyone a platform to showcase their talents and creativity outside of work and have fun. Here are a few glimpses of the virtual contests and the winners! 

Madura Quiz

The nail-biting finals of the Madura Quiz pit six teams against each other over four rounds of general knowledge, fashion knowledge and a little bit of everything. Ex-comm members Anil S Sharma, Jacob John, and Ashish Mukul played the perfect quiz masters. A nail-biting finish and audience questions kept everyone on their toes!

Escape Room: The Homevaas Challenge 

A virtual escape room challenge, teams were set up in break rooms and had to solve several brain teasers to win. Search, solve and find your way out! With penalties galore, participants used several permutations and combinations to set themselves free, and had a lot of fun along the way. 

GuessTeamMate: The Best Manager- Reportee Jodi 

A team that syncs together, wins together! Every reportee knows their manager quite well, but when the tables are turned, how is the equation? About 24 jodis started the contest with managers and reportees answering a standard set of questions. The top 15 jodis advanced to the next round and there was an explosion of fun, dancing, singing, role plays and quite a few secrets were spilled! 

Wingo: Tambola with a Twist

While Bingo is a game where you strike off numbers from a ticket, imagine the effort of creating a ticket with a lot of rules and restrictions. It is not as easy as it seems. All participants put their logical thinking caps on and the competition was nothing short of a thrilling ride.

Around the world with Geo Quest

Almost everyone likes to travel and explore new places. But how many of us can observe signboards, road and symbols to identify locations correctly? In this team game called Geo Quest, teams had to identify countries with only clues from signposts, street names and navigating around the location to spot any clues. The fun-filled game had everyones attention-to-detail skills on the edge. 

Bollywood Funtakshri

All of us have enjoyed antakshari during power cuts and long holidays with friends and family. Almost everyone loves the movies, beyond boundaries, cultures and languages. While many are Bollywood aficionados, some take pride in being Bollywood encyclopaedias. Celebrating that love for all-things-Bollywood was this Funtakshari, our Bollywood champions fought to emerge as the ultimate Jabra fan, answering trivia and singing soulfully. 

The Top Three Teams

  1. Stag Swag 2000
  2. Power Knights 1850
  3. Phoenix 850

There is never a dull moment at the Madura Championship, because the buzz and excitement around it start well before the events and lasts till its culmination. The Championship is the perfect amalgamation of fun, excitement, hard work, and dedication, which is what we strive for at Madura. 

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