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Fill your hearts this season with love, laughter, and Diwali lights!

by ABFRLadmin | November 9, 2023

We’ve all spent years and years immersed in the corporate style of celebrations, where we wait patiently for things to receive. From gifts to hampers to bonuses – we’ve all got ourselves used to making this a festival about receiving, which makes this whole moment one that’s centered around materialistic, temporary joys.

While gifts and bonuses remain an essential part of this auspicious annual celebration, it’s time to embrace the intangible joys that bring a sense of true fulfillment to this season of festivity.

Here are some ways you can apply some heartfelt flair and bring Diwali back to its roots of magic without the superficial sheen of materialism-

Share sweets and spread sweetness

Remember those childhood days of making sweets in the kitchen with your entire family involved? Recipes passed down from generations manifest into delicious treats right in front of your eyes, all completely different and delicious, with a taste that you couldn’t possibly get from your halwai. That’s the flavor of love and selflessness that’s impossible to be bought and paid for!

This year, attempt to make those Karanjis, Besan ke Ladoos, Pedas, Badam Halwa, etc. in your home, using a recipe that runs in the family. Exchanging homemade goodies is the easiest way to share the joy that’s full of feelings with your near and dear ones!

Celebrate together, celebrate better

What happened to the days when a neighborhood or society would come together and collaborate to beautify not just their house, but make the entire locality look decked out? That feeling of community and closeness has become increasingly rare as we become more individualistic.

This Diwali, consciously offer help to neighbors and members community members. Celebrate, decorate, and build bonds that last beyond the festivities.

Keep fun and games in the frame

Remember those days of childhood when every moment leading up to Diwali would have a sense of unbridled excitement that kept building up? Try to recapture that essence of fun and expectation by ensuring your celebrations are not all about getting over with the customs but also getting into the spirit of enjoyment.

Play cards and games and spend time with your family’s young ones, giving their wishes importance so you can feel the joys of the festive season through their perspective too. Enjoy every moment like nothing holds you back!

Diverse celebrations without divisions

With the vivid colors, celebrations, food, and traditions that are bound to adorn your home this season, think about sharing this beauty with friends of all communities. Celebrate with devotion and willingly share your traditions with a diverse people. Make this Diwali one that all your friends and family will cherish in memory, no matter their beliefs.

Indulge in traditions straight from your roots

The Abhyanga Snaan, the Naraka Chaturdashi, indulging in the traditions of Kali Puja – Diwali is celebrated in different and diverse ways all over India. Take pride in showcasing the culture and customs of your home and people, by showcasing it in the way you celebrate.

Even if you choose not to take part in the tradition, your culture can also be highlighted in the unique ethnic dress wear of your hometown – whether it be in the diverse Saree styles of India for women like the KancheepuramMoga, or Mekhela Sador to name a few. Even men can highlight a great amount of diversity in a dress by opting for a veshti or dhoti and topping off their outfits with a smart Mirzai or Sadri jacket.

Stand out while steeped in tradition for a memorable Diwali look!

Catch the beauty of nature celebrating with you

Nothing enhances celebrations like the sight of nature marking the season with a unique phenomenon. Enjoy the beauty of the moon and sun in conjunction by observing the traditions of the Kartika Amavasya, projected to be on November 13th, 2023.

Rangolis that represent

Don’t just stick to a Rangoli stencil; create a design that will represent and adorn your household during these festivities. Choose colors and a design that holds meaning to your family, and put effort into making them look good. Even if the lines aren’t perfect and the colors may not match, imperfections only add to the unique nature of any piece of art.

Create a feast for bonding with your unique flair

Take a chance to whip up delicacies in your kitchen for the feast you’ll share with your loved ones. Preparing a meal with a full heart is an act of pure love, so let everyone visiting your home know that you made something delicious just for them!

Make amends with friends and family

Festivals aren’t the same with the dark cloud of broken ties hanging over your home. Make an effort to reach out and forgive, or ask for forgiveness, from those with whom you do not share a bond as strong as you once did. Remember, this is an auspicious time, so it’s best to do those things you consider most difficult now to succeed.

Make festive shopping an occasion of sharing

Festive shopping has always had a competitive element, as we all want to look our absolute best for those celebratory selfies and group pictures. However, the joy of shopping and sharing your sense of fashion with those less experienced or younger than you can inspire better outfits for everyone involved. If everyone who’s going to be in your photos looks good, then you will only capture great moments this year!

It’s a better celebration with heartfelt appreciation

We’re all used to offering the traditional baksheesh to those who work for us or perform tasks for us every Diwali, but why not offer them more than just a monetary bonus for all they bring to our lives? Bring them joy in more ways than one by giving them small handwritten notes with a small message of appreciation, letting them know that you cherish their service and presence more deeply. Recognizing their efforts will bring them joy, and you can bask in the warm glow of doing something meaningful for a valued worker.

Before you leave to celebrate the holidays, make Diwali extra special for those around you with a special gesture and some kind words.

It will only give them another reason to celebrate.

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