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Empathy Matters: Celebrating International Volunteer Day with ABFRL

by ABFRLadmin | December 8, 2021

True empathy goes beyond touching the lives of just a few. Somewhat similar is the story of 6-year old Anitha, who was diagnosed with a heart ailment at a school health camp organized by ABFRJK Trust, in collaboration with the Karnataka District Health Department. To this effect, she was immediately operated on and is now leading a disease-free and healthy lifestyle. What could have easily been brushed off as a regular and rather unimportant health check-up, saved a young girls life.

This anecdote immediately brings to mind the countless number of volunteers across the globe, who work tirelessly every day to ensure the inclusion of those often left behind. December 5th is observed as International Volunteer Day to celebrate the dynamic spirit of those who are responsible enough to take charge of issues at hand and bring themselves and the resources at hand to generate solutions that benefit society and bring people closer. 

The good that you pour in the world always comes back bigger and better in terms of the rewards you could have never imagined. The volunteers at ABFRL, who have served and benefitted the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people and left a deep impact that truly resonates with the values of the Organization.

Employee Volunteering is a key part of the CSR strategy at ABFRL. Bringing people together by engaging them in activities that drive a positive influence and fostering a reliant sense of community and belonging. In FY21, 3,077 employee volunteers contributed 15,706 hours in volunteering. 

One key aspect of volunteering is the activities undertaken to bring this into action. Some of the significant initiatives undertaken by ABFRL to drive this impact are: Tree plantation drives, Namma library sessions for children, distribution of scholarships, and some of the activities that happen in collaboration with local NGOs.

Here are a few glimpses into the expansive world of employee volunteering at ABFRL and how empathy has the strength to willingly turn things around, one day at a time.

Empathetic and Impactful experiences of employee volunteering:

One of the most enjoyable things in my life is to distribute story books to needy children to improve the reading habits and knowledge among kids through the Namma Library initiative.

Subramani, Maintenance in-charge, Classic Menswear Manufacturing Unit, Begur 

Subramani stayed at Nyanappanahalli and volunteered for the Namma Library initiative, by distributing books to poor children near his house along. His wife also conducting coaching classes to teach children and improve their academics, inspired by her husband.

I am happy to do CSR Volunteering activities because it makes me happy and it is enjoyable to mingle with our village people. 

Sumithra, Welfare Officer, Fashion Crafted Clothing Manufacturing Unit

Sumithra has participated in a number of volunteering various activities such as organizing Womens day, and Children Day Celebration, and the Namma Library initiative at Hinnakki Village near Bangalore, Karnataka.

I love to be involved in CSR initiatives. The involvement in the face mask distribution drive gave me immense pleasure and I could help make the community aware on how to prevent the spread of COVID. I also felt good while participating in the Health Camp event and got a chance to interact with villagers and make them aware of different lifestyle diseases.

Brajabidhu Chhatoi, HR Manager, Odisha Apparels Ltd. (OAL)

Brajabidhu has participated in volunteering activities such as health camps organized during the onset and spread of COVID earlier this year.

I have been involved in the Ama Library program since 2019, in this period I distributed lots of story books to children in my village. I could see the happiness in their faces while distributing books. I am enjoying being involved in the Ama Library program.

Dharitri Pradhan, Finishing Department, Odisha Apparels Ltd. (OAL)

Dharitri has been regularly and closely involved in making student education a cause she truly believes in, by distributing books to young children.

While you’re busy juggling work and play, do not forget to take some time out to serve the communities that played an important role in bringing you up and making you who you are today.

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