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CSR @ ABFRL: Spotlight on Education

by ABFRLadmin | September 7, 2022

Education is the most powerful weapon we use to change the world  Nelson Mandela

Huda Seher, a student from Gyanranjan, Channapattana, Karnataka, scored 99.68% in her 10th Board exams. What is remarkable about her achievement, is that she comes from a rural part of India, and has limited exposure to the world. But with the stupendous efforts of the ABFRL CSR Team, she has a bright future waiting for her. 

Our CSR team is focused on spreading literacy through various projects, such as Girl Child Education Project and Village Development Project to create a world of opportunities.

1) Girl Child Education Project

a) School Transformation Project, Panvel, Maharashtra

We aim to transform the quality of education and health in Municipal Corporation schools. We have started this journey with 11 Panvel Primary Municipal Corporation (PMC) Schools in Maharashtra through various initiatives:

Nurturing creativity with Art Classes: All our education programs focus on holistic development of children. As a part of it, we are conducting drawing classes for students in Panvel Municipal schools. During the year, drawing classes were conducted in three schools, benefiting 635 students.

Sharpening language skills with English Classes: English grammar and comprehension classes continued through support teachers in 11 PMC schools, benefitting 1970 students. 

b) Gyanarjan Project

Gyanarjan is a value addition program to support rural girl students by organizing special coaching classes for 10th, 11th and 12th standard, students taught by professionals. The program is supported in three centers in Karnataka, namely, Chennapattana, Mysore and RVIM Bangalore.

We are proud to mention that during 2022 board exams, our Gyanarjan students from the three centers performed excellently in class 10. They scored 89.11% results against state average result of 85.63% (Non-Gyanarjan students achieved 64.52% results). 

Our finest hour: 

  • Highest score in the history of Channapattana school: Ms. Huda Sehar scored 99.68% (623/625), surpassing Ms. Zainab who scored 97.28%. Both are Gyanarjan students. 
  • 5 students scored more than 600 marks (out of 625)
  • 2 students scored 100 in subjects 
  • 16.83% – Distinction (51 students), 57.10% First class (173 students), 13.20% Second class (40 students) and 1.98% pass class (6 students)

We organized coaching classes to prepare students for entrance exams such as CET / NEET in all centers and 277 students, who completed their 12th standard benefited. 

We also created awareness sessions and conducted a selection process for the next academic year. As many as 414 (SSLC and II PUC) students attended the selection process. The special coaching commenced from early July in all Gyanarjan centers. 

Students Attending Gyanarjan Entrance Test and Interview

c) KGBV School Project 

The KGBV Schools, an initiative under ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’, motivates underprivileged girls from rural regions to continue their education and not bow out due to societal pressures. 

We support 5 KGBV Schools and 2 ARS schools from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The support extended includes providing value addition programs such as providing teaching aids, special coaching classes on core subjects – English, Science, Mathematics, conducting spoken English training, life skills training, financial literacy training, career guidance to students to ensure they continue their education.

Brilliant century by KGBV Batch of 22

Our supported students from Byrapattana school (Ramanagar district, Karnataka) are continuously achieving over 95% results in their 10th standard exams year on year. Further sustaining this performance during 2021-22 our students scored 100% results against the state average of 85.63%.

Heres what made us proud: 

  • Bindushree scored 96.48% results (603 out of 625)
  • 3 students scored centum in subjects  
  • 34.78% – Distinction (8 students) 65.22% First class (15 students) 

In Byrapattana KGBV center, 63 Students from classes 6th to 9th have been selected for spoken English and Grammar classes and 25 students from SSLC are selected for Mathematics, Science and English classes. 

In Support to continue education program 49 students from Byrapattana center are pursuing further education after SSLC and we are in the process of identifying more students who can benefit from the program.

Making of a KGBV Model School 

In an attempt to create holistic development of students, during the year we have initiated Model KGBV projects at two KGBV schools following the norms set by MHRD. 

In the first stage, we initiated and completed infrastructure work including AV Room equipment, rain water harvesting systems, Smart Kitchen items, uniforms to staff, sports items and development work in school campus. The second stage of Model school consist of soft skill interventions. 

 Meeting with APO (SSA) Krishnagiri District and RVIM team meeting with KGBV Faculties 

2) Village Development Project across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Odisha 

a) Launch of Academic Support Centers: 

We initiated Academic Support Centers with trained community tutors for the underprivileged and mostly first-generation learners from 1st – 7th standard. These centers offer students a variety of services to foster academic and holistic growth. The support teacher conducts intensive after-school coaching sessions for academically weak students.

b) Unveiling Model schools with Bench Support for students

Creating model schools is one of the key agendas of our CSR program. Uttramundamunhan school in Odisha is in the process of becoming a Model School. For this, we distributed benches for a better sitting arrangement. Students and community members expressed their happiness and requested more academic and infrastructural support to develop the school as Model school.

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