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Challenges give you the platform to prove yourself: Sunil Singh, Store Manager, American Eagle

by ABFRLadmin | October 16, 2020

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As one of the early members of ABFRLs American Eagle in India, Sunil Singh, works hard, parties harder and believes a challenging work environment helps you thrive on the job. From being promoted in the first year of his joining, the star store manager talks about his journey with ABFRL, and how he manages to stay on top as he grows at a blistering pace!

Can you describe your journey in ABFRL?

I got the opportunity to work with ABFRL with the arrival of American Eagle in India and I was among the first set of people to be associated with the brand. I have been appreciated by the Company for my good work, and was promoted within a year of joining ABRFL. The ABFRL culture has a very positive work environment that encourages you and gives you a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

You have been ranked as a high-performer consistently, what is your recipe for success?

People have capabilities, yet many a times, they are not allowed to express their innovative ideas. I am fortunate to have complete support and faith of my seniors. I keep working on new strategies and designs within my workspace, and I am authorized to go ahead with my experiments. The prime ingredients of my success recipe are:

” A deep and continuous study of the market to plan accordingly.

” Don’t consider yourself above your team, rather be a part of it. Having great rapport and synergy with your team turns giant challenges into dwarfs.

” Support, guidance and appreciation from the seniors for your good work are vital to keep you performing consistently.

Who is your role model and why?

I have come across many people throughout my journey in retail, who really have left their mark with me. A few of them I consider as my teachers and mentors. Even a few, with whom I did not share a good equation, taught me a lot. I am a continuous learner and strongly believe in taking the positive from any negative. What is the one thing that you love most about your job? I think it’s the challenge. Challenges give you the platform to prove yourself, but it is very important to take them head-on and give your best to achieve your targets. I am also a fashionable person and being part of Indias top Retail Fashion Company gives me a high. I prefer simple and elegant fashion and my job gives me gives me an insight into the latest fashion and trends.

According to you, how is ABFRL different from its peers?

The culture and the values within the company astonish me. The camaraderie and respect between different hierarchies encourage you to deliver your best every time. The endless support and high spirits create a different work philosophy, which is followed by everyone religiously. I attended the ABFRL Awards in Bangalore and it felt like a grand family function. There was no hierarchy; all were an integral part of a big family. I haven’t seen it before anywhere else.

How do you strike a work-life balance?

My work is my life, my leisure, and my recreation. I love my work and keep myself involved with it most of the time, which gives me pleasure. I am not suggesting that people follow such a regime. One must draw a strict line between their personal and professional life and don’t let one interfere with the other. I also visit the gym regularly to keep myself physically and mentally fit. I enjoy my weekly off and party hard to recharge my batteries for the next intense week that follows.

My Greatest Achievements

” Nominated for Front Line Excellence at the ABFRL Awards in my first year with the Company.

” Promoted as a Store Manager within a year.

Get to know me better

Name: Sunil Mohan Singh Bisht

Designation: Store Manager, American Eagle

Joined on: June 20, 2018

Birthday: 16 September

Store Location: Vasant Kunj DLF Promenade

Hometown: Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

Alma Mater: GCA Ajmer, Rajasthan

Favorite movie: Any movie with a good storyline

Dream holiday destination: any hill station

Aniket Grover, Cluster manager- North, American Eagle

Sunil has been one of the best associates with the brand. His dedication and hard work has always given a meaningful contribution to the achievements of the brand. With his support, we were able to successfully launch many stores across the country. I really appreciate all the hard work that he put throughout his journey with us.

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