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Challenge your demons, embrace yourself this Dussehra

by ABFRLadmin | October 13, 2021

We all harbour an inspiration to be the best version of ourselves by constantly identifying our flaws and working on them. The occasion of Dussehra marks the triumph of good over evil and emulating the same spirit this season, lets take a moment to celebrate small victories like improving your sleeping schedule, eating healthy or even maintaining a work-life balance.

Here are a few stories from our people at ABFRL about how they conquered their inner demons by improving their habits and taking charge to do something good for themselves. These changes can be as small as going for a morning walk but when you try, you understand how big of an impact it will bring in your life. 

We hope these stories motivate you to go take that yoga class you have always wanted to, or even start eating breakfast daily. Just sit tight and read ahead on their experience of taking that small step.

Shantanu Mehra, CEO, S&N

Gardening returns my me-time

Nikhil Mehra, Chief Design Officer, S&N

Doodling my emotions out became my creative outlet

Shantanu Mehra: During the lockdown when we witnessed lower pollution levels and cleaner environment, I for one, was drawn closer to the nature. Pre-Pandemic, we were so engrossed in our lives , we missed out on the wonders nature has to offer. Now that we have resumed with our lives with the new changes, I have taken this ritual of mine with me. I have made it a habit to spend some time in my garden, and soak in as much as natures offerings I can. 

Nikhil Mehra: During the lockdown days, when we distanced ourselves from our loved ones, we also realised how love binds us despite all differences and distance. A bond much stronger for our family, our tribe! Keeping that depth alive, I started doodling my emotions out as a creative outlet. Being a designer, its imperative for me to stay in cognisance with my core values and the egress I provide them with. 

Practice ethical and conscious consumerism: 

As a society, we should be moving towards a more ethical and conscious consumerism. We need to break out of our comfort ridden habits and invest towards a healthier environment. Keeping this ideology in mind, Shantanu Nikhil Ceremonial Couture introduced The Buy Back Campaign, which hopes to re-evaluate our attempts to be sustainable across the supply chain. This aims at creating a circular ecosystem with our consumers by allowing them to exchange their old Shantanu Nikhil outfits for credit values that they can use on their next purchase. This not only drives responsible consumerism but also ensures controlled production at our end. As a brand we have taken this small step to do our bit for the environment and become sustainable. Informed patrons and us together, can help drive this further and bring about change in the current mindset. 

Its time we reduced the pressure we are creating on the natural resources, become a part of a circular system & hopefully contribute to downsizing the carbon footprint the Fashion industry is casting.

Swaminathan R

Chief Supply Chain Officer, ABFRL

Digital leaning gives you new wings to success

Learning with passion: With COVID, and the reduced travel time, I started spending a lot more time on learning. There are a lot of digital learning opportunities and that is something I enjoyed and I would like to continue that. 

Networking is the key to success: Another habit I picked up is, I invest time networking now. As a professional, I was more focused on the Company and discussions mainly stayed between colleagues. Interacting with industry and other professionals is something else I have picked up over the last one 1.5 years, which I would like to continue doing.

Overcoming Hodophobia: I used to enjoy traveling with my family and last few years, there’s a bit of fear about traveling with the COVID scare, which I would like to let go off.

Dr Naresh Tyagi.

Chief Sustainability Officer, ABFRL

My personal Mantra: Repair, recycle and reuse.

Recycle and reuse: If there is anything that I need to replace in my house, be it furniture, clothes or electronics, I first ensure that it needs replacement. If it can be repaired put to some other use, or donated to someone in need, I make sure to do whatever is required. In case of any equipment that is beyond repair, I send it to a recycler or get it exchanged, so that we can reduce our carbon foot print in day-to-day lives.

Measured Retail Therapy: The one thing, I believe we need to control is unsustainable consumption of anything which is not required. We need to be mindful of our needs and practice cautious buying in our everyday life.

Geetika Anand

Company Secretary, ABFRL

Switch off the To-Do list and turn the spotlight on a To-Be list.

Staying self-aware: Mindfulness is not limited to yoga and meditation. It is a journey for me, which has gone from reading to traveling. Mindfulness for me is to have peace and calm within for creative juices to flow at work or otherwise in life. I believe being mindful is just being aware at any moment, observing things around me. I can do walking meditation, therefore, I walk a lot and have conversations with strangers every day. Be it the pandemic or otherwise, I have done away with to do lists, and created a to be list instead. That has helped me compartmentalize emotions and stay organized in all walks of life.

Janet Arole

Assistant Vice President & Head  Corporate Communications, ABFRL

Delegation holds the key to productivity

Being grateful: I have re-started my daily walks for 1 hour daily. Keep a Gratitude Journal to stay mindful and happy.

Delegation is the key: Zeroing on one habit is a tough task, but I would like to get rid of the habit of micro-management at a personal level and professional level.

G Mohana Sundaram,  

Chief Controller, ABFRL & CFO – Shantanu and Nikhil 

Get out of the AC room and take a short stroll after lunch

Daily morning walks and working in a non AC environment: Connecting with nature is a key pillar to supporting our mental health. Exposure to sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D that helps support a healthy immune system. Get outdoors, step out of office, go to cafeteria for a short stroll after coffee break / lunch, out of the office AC environment.

Reduce screen time on laptop and increase face time with colleagues: Laptop became the only means of connect with colleagues. Reduce laptop screen time and go back to face time with colleagues. Use laptop only for connecting with remote colleagues. 

Rajat Saksena

General Manager, ABOF 

Connect with nature and soak in the outdoors on a cycle or a long walk.

Keep Moving: I have been able to spend quality time outdoors with my son on weekends, which combines exercise and fun. Be it cycling, a long walk, or a bike ride, I would love to continue it even after the normalcy prevails.

Maintaining Boundaries: With the lockdowns and WFH, the line between office working hours and personal hours had blurred and we tend to respond and reply to official emails even at odd hours. I would like to let go of it as we proceed to start working from the physical office space soon.

It starts with a small step, either to the kitchen for breakfast or away from home towards the gym. What are you doing differently, starting this Dussehra?

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