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Calm Your Mind with New-Age Art forms

by ABFRLadmin | June 28, 2023

We at ABFRL, present stories excerpted from our internal newsletter In Touch, where we celebrate stories of our people and their contributions.

Tanvi Jain, Manager – Mission Happiness (Madura Customer Centricity) has the arduous task of collecting, understanding and improving online customer shopping experience. To ensure happy customers, she needs to be in high spirits and a de-stressing hobby is a great place to start!

With changing times, art evolves too, and as online options soar to learn and explore, ABFRLites dont shy away from trying their hands at something new and exciting. Tanvi is one of those, who wants to stray away from the traditional paints and canvases. She opens up about two such art forms that she has explored and enjoyed in her free time.

1. What arts do you do indulge in when you have free time?

I like to try my hand at art forms that give space for new age creativity and are alternatives for those of us less inclined to traditional paint on canvas. Two such art forms that I enjoyed doing in recent past are: Resin Art and a combination of Zentangle + Mandala.

Resin Art typically involves mixing a viscous liquid called epoxy resin with a hardener and colour pigments that cause the resin to solidify, producing a unique blend of textures and patterns. What one is capable of making with this technique is limited only by imagination! The best thing about this art is that it tends to last a lifetime, hence they make great personalized gifts for friends and family.

Zentangle + Mandala Art is a relaxing and fun way of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns that usually consist of combination of dots, circles, lines and curves on a paper, tile or even canvas. This art requires little prep and planning, turning the focus on artists concentration to keep building on a pattern that they find more beautiful and peaceful. There are no right or wrong strokes, all that matters is the art itself!

2. How do you make time for pursuing these interests?

Sometimes, I plan in advance and mark a weekend that I want to dedicate to create an art piece. At times, if the resources required for art form are easy to transport, I take them along with me on my holidays and spend some time to draw. On days when I have had too much screen time, I skip Netflix after dinner to create something easy and fun.

3. Why did you get drawn to these hobbies in particular?

My intent is to relax, while spend time meaningfully. Creating an art piece brings me joy and satisfaction and helps me explore and nurture creativity. It also helps me break addiction from smart phones and gadgets. I look forward to have conversations with friends, family, colleagues on various art forms and ways to learn and create them. It keeps me in touch with people who have similar interest in art.

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