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Bros that you chose

by ABFRLadmin | August 2, 2023

They say “friends are the family you choose”. Well, what about office friends?

Welcome to the world of “office bros”, where routine work days have the potential to churn out extraordinary episodes of workplace adventures! We bring to you a special cast of characters who enliven the corporate landscape with some humour, a dash of eccentricity and truckloads of camaraderie. From the Everyones Bro to the Gossip Bro, each persona brings their own flair and charm. So sit tight and get ready to meet these extraordinary people who liven up the daily grind and those you can definitely relate to. Meet the Bros, that all of us chose!

The Sabka Bro

Tera Bhai hai na

Meet Sabka Bro, the ultimate team player who stands by everyone’s side!! You already have a picture in mind, dont you? They are everyones bro. They fly around the office wearing a post-it note cape and giving high-fives to everyone and spreading smiles all along. The ability to diffuse tense situations with their over-welcoming nature and a library of punny jokes is Sabka Bro’s secret superpower. You can rely on them to make an ordinary Monday into a memorable day filled with laughter and camaraderie.


Tujhe pata hai kal kya hua?

The newspaper of the office, Gossip Bro, is about to unleash a torrent of secrets and intrigue on you. They are the walking encyclopaedia of juicy tidbits and exaggerated tales, carrying an enormous magnifying glass and a notepad covered in cryptic doodles.

They have a special talent for weaving stories and shaping anyone to suit the juicy gossip sessions. While their tales might not always be 100% true, you can count on them to keep you entertained with their dramatic portrayals and instantaneous soap opera narrations.

Frenemy Bro

Frenemy Bro welcomes you to the other side of unofficial office communication. The one who works with everyone yet rarely finds people working along with them. We all have this quirky character who can go from friend to foe in the blink of an eye. They have their collection of people who like them, occasionally. Love them or hate them, they are the ones who add a dash of eccentricity to the corporate mosaic and keep everyone guessing.

Mentor Bro

Tujhe na, stock market me invest karna chahiye

Prepare to enter the magical world of professional development’s wacky wizard, the Mentor Bro! Mentor Bro is the supplier of advice and house of knowledge when it comes to the corporate world. They are filled with magical artefacts, including a crystal ball that foretells successful career paths and motivational posters that talk. The eccentricity of the Mentor Bro knows no bounds as they spread knowledge while judging all the dancing spring chickens in the office.

Weekend Bro

Friday night ka kya scene h?

The king of office adventures, Weekend Bro, will help you unleash your inner party animal! The one bro everyone wants and very few have! With an invisible air horn in hand and a disco ball suit on theyre always ready to pop out of their chair and start a crazy party! Weekend bro makes sure that the spirit of fun and adventure never wanes by constantly planning scenes. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing at their impromptu after-office parties or meet ups on Fridays, without you ever recalling to have said yes to it!

Break Bro

Chai peene chalein?

And finally the crowd favourite Break Bro- your companion to take a break from your very demanding boss or over talkative team mates. They are the masters of turning break times into extraordinary adventures, wearing a cape made of coffee filters and some sound of calmness. Break buddy is always prepared to inject moments of silliness and laughter into your workday, whether it’s planning after office meet-ups or sharing jokes here and there to make you feel better. They serve as the best reminder that breaks should be used to embrace life’s strange and interesting moments.The one bro that everyone has or should have!

These “office bros” each have their own roles to play in the mix of office dynamics, whether it be bringing joy, stirring up trouble, giving advice, or organising grand celebrations. They serve as a reminder that work is about more than just being productive; it’s also about making connections, finding joy in the everyday, and accepting life’s oddities. So be on the lookout for these Bros the next time you enter the office. They might just transform a routine day into a unique experience that leaves you with memories and tales to tell for years to come.

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