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Beyond the Shop Floor: Celebrating Resilience of ABFRL Factory Employees

by ABFRLadmin | December 5, 2022

We at ABFRL, present stories excerpted from our internal newsletter In Touch, where we celebrate stories of our people and their contributions.

Madura Clothing from ABFRL has been renowned for crafting world-class and high-quality apparel since its inception. As we celebrate the myriad of brands under ABFRLs repertoire, it is equally essential to felicitate the hands that bring the magical designs and fabrics to life. We walk down the aisles of the factories across Karnataka and Odisha to bring to you some inspiring stories of courage and resilience.

The fabric of Madura is woven together with innumerable instances of overcoming odds to tailor ones reality. This play of dreams and aspirations requires our riveting women to take one brave step at a time. We applaud their zest for leading a wholesome life as they create retail masterpieces in their factories.

Healing to Glory with A Stunning Odissi Performance

Swagatika suffered severe burn injuries, primarily in the facial area, due to the accidental bursting of a pressure cooker at home. She received immediate primary treatment at Badachana, 38.9 km away from her residence. The Organization ensured free treatment through ESIC, under the guidance of specialists and plastic surgeons, for treating her scars and other wounds. She remained steadfast through this painful event and emerged with a new-found confidence, which was evident in her radiant Odissi performance at the official launch of REPRISM.

From Supervisor to Assistant Production Manager: A Path to Steady Growth

Susheela joined Madura Clothing as a Feeding Helper in 2000, with a salary of INR 1500. She received her education until the 10th grade before familial pressures took over. The factory management recognized her sincere and consistent performance, but she was determined to build her career and prove herself. She articulated her aspirations and actively took up training to learn and improve her technical and behavioural skills. She climbed the ladder through successive promotions from Supervisor to Senior Supervisor and has now taken on the responsibility of an entire trousers section as Assistant Production Manager. She banked on her successful career to support her family of six sisters and ailing parents through lifes trials and tribulations. Being a self-made woman, she has also ensured better opportunities for her daughter by enrolling her in a good school and investing in her education.

Gratitude in Our Veins

Manjunatha, or Manju, as he is known by all his colleagues, joined Madura three years ago and is part of the Maintenance team. Like any other Wednesday, Manju left the factory premises after completing his daily routine. Meanwhile, another employee, Dibyojyoti Chiring, had been diagnosed with dengue and was hospitalised.

His platelet count was falling drastically and was around 16000 when the EAL nurse reached out to the rest of the medical team and factory management for help. Realising the risk of fatality, the factory HR team arranged for six additional units of platelets, but there was no transport available. The city was facing a heavy downpour, and it was late at night. The HR team tried reaching out to several resources for transport, including a sleeping Manju.

Manju volunteered, travelling over 30 km in the pouring rain to ensure vital resources reached his colleague on time. The patients platelets increased to 30,000, and he was declared to be out of danger. Dibyojyoti has since returned to work and is immensely thankful for the new lease of life.

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