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by ABFRLadmin | July 5, 2023

We at ABFRL, present stories excerpted from our internal newsletter In Touch, where we celebrate stories of our people and their contributions.

You can spend hours browsing through the beautiful ensemble of any classy S&N store. But the icing on this opulent cake is not just the fantastic fits and fabric; it also lies in the staff that assist you to look your finest!

The 15+ Shantnu Nikhil stores across bridge, hybrid and contour formats cater to clients who have an exquisite taste in contemporary celebration wear. Each person who walks into the store is greeted gracefully and treated like royalty. Here are a few stories from happy shoppers!

Grace with Humility

Mr. Aryaman Birla has visited the S&N store at Palladium mall, Mumbai quite a few times. His first visit was in August 2022, and he seemed keen on understanding the layout of the new store. But as he walked around, he was tempted to try a few pieces to the fit, and was impressed with the way it looked on him. To help him better, the store manager asked about the occasion of his purchase, which was workwear and for the upcoming Diwali season. He made a purchase of the then-recent collection and one of S&N signature, shirts since he found them to be quite appealing. At the billing counter, he introduced himself as Mr. Aryaman Birla with humility, and complimented the store, the collections, and the service, adding that he would love to return. True to his word, he visited the store again and really loved the latest launch – SNCC- making a purchase for the same.

Comfort in The Unknown

In November 2022, Mr. Dhanuka stopped by the S&N shop at Ambience mall, Gurgaon. He used to have basic shirts and general design polo shirts in his closet, so the brand was unfamiliar to him. He was introduced to the brand by the Ambience team in the most elegant way possible, and the team subsequently educated the client on how minimalistic-yet-independent style can be incorporated into regular attires. The customer was astounded and impressed to see this and ended up purchasing numerous items from various segments, resulting in the largest transaction to date! Both the client and the staff were really pleased with the outcome. Not just the merchandise, but also the service, received compliments. At the end, the client expressed that he will always be excited to visit the store for more shopping.

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