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Apply Your Lessons Learnt For Success': Sarojini SR, Team Manager & Coach, The Collective

by ABFRLadmin | March 30, 2021

We at ABFRL present stories excerpted from our internal newsletter In Touch, where we celebrate the stories of our people and their contributions.

 Sarojini SR is one of the most popular faces at The Collective. Her penchant to learn new things, and sharing her learnings have helped her become a Team Manager & Coach along with being a much-appreciated Customer Experience Manager. She takes us through her journey at ABFRL.

Can you describe your journey at ABFRL?

I embarked on my Retail career back in 2015 as an Advisor at The Collective. Service and experience came naturally to me and I was promoted as a Customer Experience Manager in 2017. I qualified as a Team Manager and Coach in 2018. In 2019, I became a certified Customer Experience Trainer through an internal career enrichment opportunity.

You have been a consistent high-performer. What is your recipe for success?

Here are my mantras for consistent growth and success.

” Passion, determination and creativity are the defining elements of success. ” Always be fuelled by passion to learn, and most importantly apply it. Expanding your knowledge base empowers you.

” Make a habit of rising to the occasion, contributing beyond your defined responsibilities and underpinning your work with individuality and quality. ” Keep raising the bar for yourself.

” Be a responsive team player and help others along the way.

Who is your role model and why?

My compassionate, innovative and self-driven grandfather has blazed the trail for me. Powered by determination, he was able to surmount many challenges and successfully formulate a medicine for respiratory ailments and cure patients all over the world. His magnetic personality, passion, values and ethics drive me to be the best in my field of work.

What is the one thing that you love most about your job?

I enjoy learning new things, so training and coaching is right up my alley. Mentoring and helping my team hone their skills to perform and achieve with comparative ease is a fulfilling experience.

According to you, how is ABFRL different from its peers?

By far, ABFRL is one of the most fostering organizations out there, staying true to people- development and skill enhancement programs. The Organizations philosophy, spirit and unflagging support helps individuals build careers and exemplify professional excellence.

How do you strike a work-life balance?

Both work and personal life have their demands. I plan my day to meet my deadlines comfortably, to be efficient and productive, saving a lot of time in the process to do things I enjoy.

Get to know me better

Name: Sarojini Devi SR

Designation: Team Manager & Coach

Birthday: 3rd August

Hometown: Bangalore

Alma Mater: National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

Favorite movie: His Girl Friday

Dream holiday destination: Scotland

Managers Speak

Remember the difference between a Boss and Leader, Boss says  GO and a Leader says  LETS GO! During the difficult times of opening store in COVID or be it leading the store in absences of a store manager, Sarojini has emerged as a True Leader who believes in taking charge and living up to expected deliverables. She has been extremely instrumental in driving and bring up CRM initiatives in store with a lot of zeal and passion.

Khushboo Ganeriwal

Regional Manager, The Collective

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