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ABFRL Volunteering Program: Being Santa All Year Round!

by ABFRLadmin | December 21, 2022

Volunteering is all about giving back, and for us at ABFRL, its a way of life, thanks to our CSR initiatives. As we approach the final holiday season of the year, ABFRLiets share with us how their thoughtful actions make a change to the community around them and what they earned with such selfless acts of kindness.

From planting trees to developing villages; there are many means to contribute!

At ABFRL, our volunteers have a plethora of activities to pick from, starting with something as simple as planting trees to as big as support development of the villages are covered in our initiatives. Our volunteers make time for a cause that they truly believe in to make a difference in the world.

One of the most enjoyable things in my life is distributing story books and taking academic support classes for needy children near my village, Naganayakanahalli. I am trying to improve the reading habits and knowledge of kids through the Namma Library initiative of the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Jan Kalyan Trust. I am also conducting coaching classes to teach children and improve their academics.

Imbibing the importance of Fire Safety in schools
What you learn in your school days will be registered deeply on your mind and the opportunity was chosen to educate these students on safety aspect since last two years. During the pandemic, trainings were virtual, but with normalcy now prevailing, our volunteers are back to hands-on sessions with live fire demonstration.

Students and teachers were very excited about this session.  Extinguishing fire builds confidence in teachers and students. Learning emergency situations and evacuation techniques to contain stress builds trust and confidence in all individuals. I was very happy to be able to bring that out for everyone!

Empowering women entrepreneurs

Many of the lives we touch with ABFRLs CSR activities are those who have skills and the innate desire to lead a more fulfilling life. But they lack the means to make this dream a reality. That is where our team of volunteers come to their aid.

Volunteering allowed me to make a difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs. They were skilled and willing to learn to succeed in their tailoring venture. Through the interactive sessions, I was able to address their real-time issues and customize business plans for each of them to become successful entrepreneurs. Volunteering is looked at as a way of giving back to our community, but in exchange, I gained valuable experience and felt that my contribution was worthwhile. This feeling has fuelled me to continue volunteering for other causes as well.

Video editing as a new-age life tool

While there are many skills to learn and make a living from, with youngsters, new-age and technology resonates immediately. A special session on video editing tools for the youth is an endeavour in that direction.

I had a wonderful experience volunteering for the Re-Earth initiative. There is a sense of satisfaction that a person attains when they do something right for society. I hope I was able to give some guidance to some young folks chasing their own goals. I want to relive the experience of teaching young folks again one day. I was attracted to the aura that the kids brought into the room, ignoring the problems that they were going through. I would be happy to take part in such activities during my period of work at ABFRL.

Preparing Youth for A Bright Future

The first part of securing a good livelihood is to hone skills. The trickier part, though, is to convince a potential employer to give you a job. ABFRLs CSR unit supports deserving youth who are undergoing a three-month special livelihood training  with our volunteers for tips and tricks to ace critical job interviews.

I believe that volunteering makes individuals explore different areas. I often hear from my mentor that to figure out your passion, you need to reach out to businesses and people to work without any pay. In that way, one can be completely aware of the field and know whether they are able to work passionately or not.  This statement got me involved in volunteering activities. When I started taking interviews for Bright Future under the CSR team, I met with young talent, who wanted to do something with their lives just like me. I motivate them on how they can do their best work. It’s a very good experience for me to do something extra with my daily work routine.

Supporting education for children

An important initiative for our CSR team is spreading quality education in marginalized sections of society. This is done through a plethora of activities including collecting donations through our Help Vidya Write initiative, or trust-supported schools and even after-school training centers. All these initiatives help us create a world of opportunities for our future generations.

Celebrated Childrens day with pure Joy. I had a wonderful time with these lovely children from the government school, singing for them and enjoying myself with them. Children are the purest form of love and innocence, and every Child is a born Genius!

Help Vidya Write is a notebook collection drive to motivate underprivileged children with a notebook to realize their dreams. It has been a wonderful privilege to participate as a volunteer in collecting funds for Help Vidya Write. I would love to participate in more events in the future.

At ABFRLs CSR wing, its Christmas all year round. Afterall, there is more joy in giving more than what we have received. From all of us at ABFRL, we wish you and your family a happy festive season!

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