by ABFRLadmin | November 19, 2019

At ABFRL, it is our constant endeavour to push the limits of excellence in every field.

The newly constituted ABFRL Awards is the beginning of an important journey for all of us as professionals. The genesis of these awards lies in celebrating fine work. It is timeless, it is perpetual, it is everywhere, it is every day. But this is what inspires us when we peg away at our daily work. For example, when one of our colleagues is travelling in a bus trying to sell innerwear somewhere in Bihar, or at a factory in Orissa where one of us is trying to convert output from 80 percent to 85 percent, this is what drives us to get better every day.

ABFRL is a torch bearer in Indias fashion retail arena. We are the countrys largest pure play fashion and lifestyle company and also one of the most sought after employers in this space. This mindfulness towards our people forms one of the core values of the Aditya Birla Group.

Day after day, this family of 23,000+ strong employees pours its energies into a common goal, a common ideamaking excellence as part of our DNA.

At ABFRL, good performance is recognized and rewarded. Meritocracy is the basis of our people decisions. The first ABFRL Awards has been created to reward employees across the company for their hard work, passion and commitment towards the business.

We need inspiration every day; to be better than before, to take great joy and pride in what consumes most of our lifewhich is work.

And this journey of doing a little better than before every day is the perpetual pursuitthe quest for excellence. Which is what ABFRL Awards stands for.

And through these Awards, we will celebrate some of the best and finest work done by individuals and teams. But we all know that what will get seen and probably rewarded will be a very small part of the outstanding work that happens all around. The idea is to actually inspire each one of us to celebrate accomplishment every day; even those who didnt get the award this year. The journey of inspiring each other to do better is a long-term one on which we have started and this day happens to be a very special day, therefore, in the history of our company.

ABFRL will continue to be aspirational and inspirational. Each of us will need to etch our paths and make it a joyous and momentous one.

Good Luck to all of us!

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