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A Window to Your Personality: What Does Your Work Desk Reveal?

by ABFRLadmin | March 29, 2023

Navigating through an office space is an enthralling sight. When you first enter, you feel appalled by the sights of cubicles that seem identical. As you walk through the aisles, you realize each work desk has a unique aura, a different vibe and a vibrant story to tell! Lets take you through a tour of some commonly found work desks at an office and what they reveal.

The Personalizer

This desk has a tint of personal touch to it. Family frames, books, posters, mugs and other items all have a backstory attached to them. This desk will make you feel at home. You know this person loves their work and feels comfortable at the office.

The Overachiever

Fascinated by the trophies and certificates that define this desk? This is undoubtedly the desk of an overachiever. They love highlighting their milestones. Their desk defines their career aspirations and accomplishments.

The Clutterer

Every office has that one person who is known for having a messy and cluttered desk. Loads of stationary, piles of files, printouts, wrappers, cables& thats the desk of a clutterer! Even though the mess might disgust you, youve discovered the creative house of the office.

The Minimalist

Ever spotted a desk with a post-it note, a laptop, and a pen stand with two pens? You have arrived at the minimalists desk! This desk has the bare essentials. Less is more is the mantra here!

The Expander

Ever found someones pen and stationary lying on their partners desk? Well, you have found the desk of an expander. Its not surprising that these people have the largest desk area in the office. They love to stake claim on others desks!

The Techie

Do you spot multiple monitors on this desk? Is the remaining space covered with wires? Do you visit this desk to resolve problems with Wi-Fi connection and laptop? This is the techies desk. Everyone at the office requires someone tech-savvy and this is where the techie comes to the rescue.  Techies love their space and love to do things on their own time.

A work desk is the path to understand the personality of every employee at an organization. Every work desk defines a unique personality& Did you find your desk among the ones listed above? What does it look like?

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