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A Balance of Work and Play Makes Peter England a Fun Place

by ABFRLadmin | January 5, 2022

We at ABFRL, present stories excerpted from Peter Englands internal newsletter Trendsetters, where we celebrate stories of our people and their contributions. 

Despite a gruelling day, ensuring the perfect customer experience for happy buyers, our members from the Peter England team have a strong competitive streak. Say hello to all our sports enthusiasts! 

I enjoy playing cricket at local level in my town. It helps me stay fit and healthy. I enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship, and strongly believe that, “A lion never roars after a kill.”

Pradeep Gupta, Salempur Store (PE North zone)

 I play chess with utmost level of passion with my friends and family. I believe that chess is the Gymnasium of the mind, and my objective is to crush the opponents mind.

Arvind, Deoria Store (PE North zone)

Kolkata has a strong culture of gully cricket and allows me to connect with my friends on my weekly holidays. If the weather is fine for outdoor sports, we bond over cricket or football or else, we enjoy a competitive game of carrom instead.

Raj Kumar Agarwal, Chandan Nagar Store (PE East zone)

Cricket is more than a sport; it is a way of life for us. From the time I remember, my friends and I would find ways and means to play in our locality and have fun. As we all have become very consumed in our professional lives, cricket is now a reason for all of us friends to catch up. 

Anand Rana, Seraikela Store (PE East zone)

“I developed an interest in the shooting ball sport through my PT class at school. I have represented my town at the District Level and became a champion in 2017. Subsequently, I represented District Sindhudurg and led the team for two years. However, while working, I ensure that I take the time out and practice the sport at night.” 

Shubham, Kankavli Store (PE West zone)

Logeshwaran is a part of the TN Throwball Association and his team finished 3rd at the National Level Senior Throwball Tournament held in Howrah in January 2021. I have been playing throwball since the age of 10. I participated in various competitions throughout my school days and have represented Coimbatore and TN in various state and national level competitions. My medals give me immense joy, as I win playing a sport I enjoy. This sport has brought discipline and physical fitness in my life. 

Logeshwaran, Ondipudur Store (PE South zone)

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