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7 Things Not to Say to Your Co-Workers

by ABFRLadmin | February 13, 2023

A vibrant office environment is what makes us wake up every day and endure traffic snarls or crowded public transport. While the fun and banter are all good, if you are not mindful it may go too far and have consequence that you may not have envisioned. Here are 7 things you that will keep you away from sticky situations at work, when dealing with co-workers.

1. Hey, can you lend me some money?

Regardless of how close you are, borrowing money from your co-workers is a big no  no. Constantly asking for small amounts or a sudden huge amount of money might put your co-worker in a tight spot and make them uncomfortable. In many industries, it can also be a violation of employment clauses and may lead to you losing more than just your reputation.

2. Im looking for a new job

Considering a new job offer or looking for new opportunities? It is always better to do it privately. The need to consult colleagues for future prospects is tempting. But asking for advice from your co-workers regarding a new job opportunity might lead them to see you differently from a teams perspective. It might also backfire, if a co-worker lets it slip it out when its a little too early.

3. This is too much work.

There are always days where one might be overburdened. While it is healthy to rant and get it out of your system once in a while, complaining about workload constantly will not bode well for you. It may put off co-workers, who do similar jobs every day, without grumbling.

4. Just because theyre the boss&

Every office worker would empathize with each other on account of their supervisors. However, criticizing them to your co-workers can put you in a tight spot. In a highly competitive environment, even best of friends can use the opportunity to climb the ladder. Blindly trusting a co-worker might just be the hole you dig for yourself!

5. Do you know what happened&?

While gossip does spice up a boring day in the office, be careful about whom you say what to. Staying on top of what is happening in the organization is good, but it may impact you negatively, especially if its not good news.

6. Oh God, I hate them&

Like family, you have little say on the co-workers you end up with. Not liking a certain co-worker is a part and parcel of office life. You may have constant disagreements with someone you do not click with. Instead of venting things out with co-workers, look for the right channels that can help you sort your differences. You can also choose to reconcile in person, as mature adults.

7. Why do you look so&

Making comments about your co-workers personal appearance or working style is impolite and inconsiderate. It further affects your professional ethics. Unless you intend to save your colleague from eminent embarrassment, it is best to be discrete or better to keep it with yourself than pointing it out.

As workplaces become more fluid and hierarchy less, it is easy to lower guard and be a lot less mindful of what you say. But it is essential to remember that to build a great career, you need more than talent and skill.

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