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5 Ways to Celebrate Summer with ABFRL Brands

by ABFRLadmin | March 30, 2022

As cool Spring winds turns to the blistering Summer heat and humidity, we need to find ways to bring in some much-needed cheer. With celebrations being muted for the past couple of years, its a good time to plan that much awaited reunion with friends and Family. As temperatures soar, here are 5 ways to keep calm and bring in the party season in style.

Dressing Right for the season

Apparel with certain kinds of fibres help maintain a cool body temperature and relieves you of any uncomfortableness. As an absolute summer essential, look for cotton, linen, chambray, or even rayon as these fabrics help your skin breathe well. When shopping from ABFRL brands make sure to check the material of your favourite clothes so that you can enjoy the hot weather and look uber-stylish all the same.

Keeping it cool with Earthy Terracotta

Staying close to Indian roots and traditions, try your hand at terracotta serve ware. These are not only aesthetically pleasing but also keep food and other liquids cool in the scorching heat. Sit back and enjoy soothing and refreshing delicacies that you love. These terracotta handi and terracotta jug are eco-friendly and hand-made by artisans.

Terracotta Handi  and  Terracotta Jug by Jaypore

Slaying it in style with Copper ware

Apart from terracotta, even copper has some interesting cooling properties. Water stored in a copper vessel or tumbler remains cooler for a longer period of time, making it optimum for traveling. Get hold of this pleasing yellow copper bottle or this functional and classy copper bottle to make your next travel easy and fuss-free. You can even use these to store water at your work-from-home desk along with a set of copper tumblers to drink from.

Copper Bottle by Pantaloons, Copper Tumbler Set and  Copper Bottle by Jaypore

Ceramics to store delicacies

Summers are time for a range of memories from the pickles to the murambas. As families go nuclear, and instant pickles have become a more functional delicacy, smaller and handier ceramic jars in a variety of colours will help you not only make but also serve small helping of love and spiciness.

self-printed and floral ceramic jars from Jaypore

A fun day outdoors

Just as life begins to take a cautious route back to normalcy, a small picnic with family and friends over a quiet, long weekend can be therapeutic. Setting up a fun picnic in your garden or any open space can be a great way to unwind and bond with your loved ones. From an elaborate portable drink stand, picnic table to a humble picnic basket, you have a good start to plan the next get-together.

Portable drink stand, picnic table and picnic basket from Jaypore

We hope that these options will bring you much-needed respite from the blazing summer heat. Spend the summer season making happy memories. 

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