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4 Tips for a Glam and Magical Monsoon with ABFRL Brands

by ABFRLadmin | May 25, 2022

As the mango season makes way for the monsoons, its time to cozy up with new wardrobe choices, a warm cup of tea and fritters. Though the weather is romanticized in movies, the sweet smell of wet soil also brings in humidity and the fishy smell of damp clothes. The weather can make you feel gloomy and lethargic, eating away at our productivity. But not all is lost. With a few simple hacks, make this monsoon season as bright as your smile.

1. Time to Flaunt Your Easy-Dry Fabrics

We cannot stop rain from dampening our clothes, but we surely can use fabric that dries faster. Apparel made from material such as crepe silk, bamboo fiber, or cotton polyester blends are good options for a rainy evening outing. Even if you catch some rain, your clothes will dry faster and wont wrinkle. Dont forget your tiny tots, as they can catch a cold easily in this season.

Rain ready: All Day Lounger  and Crepe Saree With Blouse from Jaypore, Yellow Print Kurta Set from Pantaloons,  Shirt for Men  by the Collective and Graphic T-shirt from Forever21

2. Don a Glam look with Waterproof Accessories 

The right accessories can uplift your look and mood. With the humidity around, choose your accessories carefully. Avoid metal jewellery, as they can get easily catch a rust by moisture and humidity and you can for plastic ones instead. They are lightweight, will dry up easily and bring a pop of colour to your outfit. Pay close attention to the kind of bag or wallet you use to carry cash, cards and other important items. Make sure that it is waterproof as well. Avoid leather items as rain affects them too.

Ballerinas from Van Heusen,  Flip Flops from Louis Philippe, Handbag from Allen Solly, Faux Leather Cylinder bag and Solid Jewelry by Forever 21, and White Wooden Tiered Earring by American Eagle

3. Celebrate the Downpour with Friends and Chic Ceramics

Having people over for chai pakora can help brighten your mood. Bring out the ceramic platters and serve ware for food instead of using the wooden ones. They will take forever to dry as the climate is already humid. The ceramics are beautiful and food served on the bright coloured dishes will certainly make you feel happy. 

Indulge in a classy party with Ceramic pasta bowl, Emerald Bowl, Coffee Set and Rose Coaster  by Jaypore

4. Let Romance Linger in the Rains with Scented Candles and Essential Oils 

One thing that overpowers the beauty of rain is the damp smell that comes afterwards. Use essential oils with a diffuser or scented candles to make your home smell as fresh and romantic as ever. With the variety of scents, you can choose the ones that make you feel relaxed. Rose Essential Oil can relieve stress, and relaxes the body and mind.  

No one likes getting drenched while going to the office. But we all were once a kid who loved playing in the rain. So once in a while, take time and enjoy the showers as you used to during your childhood. It will also work magic and will uplift your dampened spirits.

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