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10 Things to Do as An Intern

by ABFRLadmin | March 1, 2023

As students turn to internships to add value to their in-classroom lessons and their resume before entering the workforce, everyone has that one place they aspire to work at. Once in this dream company, it is important for interns to be on their toes and appear attentive throughout the day to learn as much as possible in this new and often confusing maze of a professional set up. Here are 10 things you should do as an intern to seal your first impression as a valuable future employee.

1. Do Your Homework

Researching about the company you are about to work for as well as the person you are about to work under are important while starting your internship. You should also pay attention to the department you are about to work for serves, as it helps narrow down your choices and manage your expectations better. Its better to be somewhat armed with information than come across as a deer caught between headlights.

2. Be Punctual

Showing signs of tardiness by coming late for meetings or work in general shows the lack of seriousness in the work that is doled out. In most cases, your mentors understand your lack of keeping pace in a high-pressure environment and are often mindful of the deadlines they give you. However, if you still need help, make sure you articulate your roadblocks and ask for assistance.

3. Network for Better Visibility

For an intern, networking is important if the organization shows any inclination to absorb you once you graduate from your course. Networking helps you hone your skills and knowledge so that you can be more productive when you are presented with work opportunities.

4. Listen More, Speak Less.

As an intern, it is essential to pay attention to all the instructions and information that you receive from a variety of people around you. While your opinions are appreciated, asking questions will help you more. Remember, there are no stupid question, just a few good memories if you ask them though.

5. Dont sit idle

There are going to be days in your office when the work flow is going to be slower than usual. On days like these, inform your mentor and do not shy away from requesting for more work. This will help you be productive and learn things outside the scope of what you set out to achieve. It is also a great way to set yourself apart from your peers and other fellow interns.

6. Stay Proactive and have a Positive attitude

Being proactive, keeping a positive attitude and having a solution-oriented attitude will ensure a smooth-sailing internship. It is also a great life skill to have, especially when you are preparing to enter competitive working environments.

7. Make a lot of notes

As an intern, you will be bombarded with information at breakneck speed. While most people will be patient, you are expected to process and understand things quickly. Taking notes is an effective way to help processing a large amount of information. Making notes not only helps you remember things, but is also handy when you need to work on a project that needs you to know specific things.

8. Always ask for feedback

Always be open to constructive criticism. As an intern it is important to ask for feedback, be it positive or negative. While positive feedback feels good, do not get disappointed by negative feedback, as it helps you to improve you in the long run.

9. Keep Track of your projects

During an internship, it is important to keep a record of all the work, projects and activities that you have participated in an organized manner. You can make a weekly journal or document about all the work you did or assisted with as a way of keeping records.

10. Stay calm and voice your concerns

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed or angry, but it is important to keep your actions in check as an intern. If there is an unpleasant situation, you need to stay calm and give yourself some space. Reassess the problem, and talk it out with your mentor. Most are mindful professionals who are probably having a bad day. Being calm in putting forth your issues will make it easy to have peaceful resolutions. An internship program brings its own set of accomplishments and challenges, but if you make the most of your limited time and opportunity, as you enter the employment race with zest and confidence.

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