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Going Beyond Customer Expectations with Peter England

by ABFRLadmin | March 4, 2022

Customers are the core of ABFRL. Keeping our customers happy and exceeding their expectations is integral to the ABFRL DNA and Peter England is no exception. Read on to see how customers are all praise for the exceptional service by our store teams. 

The lockdowns across the country during the pandemic affected small and big businesses alike. In Jamalpur, stores were operational only three days a week during some parts of the lockdowns. Each trade or industry had their designated days in a week. A customer visited our store during the period to buy a bag for his sons wedding. Our Store Manager (SM) was granted special approval from the local authorities and the Company to cater to the customers need. The Franchisee partner went out of his way to bring the customer to the store in his car. The wow service resulted in a happy customer.

Rishab Mishra, Franchisee,

Rupesh Kumar Singh, Store Manager

East  Jamalpur, Bihar

A customer visited the PE store at Moga for shopping for a wedding in his sister-in-laws family. Our Customer Care Associate (CCA) stepped in and helped with the shopping. He communicated with them effortlessly and extracted the required information about sizes and choices. The customer and family were very happy with his attentive and friendly nature. They praised our CCA for understanding customers needs so well and fulfilling it to a T. The customers left the store with a big thank you to our CCA for attending to their needs so well.

Jaspreet Singh, Customer Care Associate

North  Moga, Punjab

In August 2021, our Dhar store was shutting down for the day, when one of our loyal customers came to shop. The store had invited him to view the latest collection. The team members displayed exemplary commitment and allowed the customer in. Even at the end of an exhausting day, they served him enthusiastically. The delighted customer praised the service and commitment of the store team, and rewarded the service with a wow bill.

Ravi Oswal, Store Manager

Nilesh Yadav, Customer Care Associate

Jitendra Solanki, Customer Care Associate

West  Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

A group of four friends came to our showroom in April 2021. They wanted to purchase three shirts and two trousers. Our SM explained to the group about then benefits of the 10K offer. The store team further provided them with information about PhonePe offers. Since they had two PhonePe vouchers, they bought more products and redeemed both vouchers. They thanked each member of our staff for a wonderful shopping experience before they left.

A customer visited our store and did not make a purchase. He forgot his bags at the store. Since we did not have his contact details, we hoped the customer will return and collect his belongings. The customer did not turn up. Then our staff checked his bags and found a bank passbook. They visited the bank, about 20km from the store, collected the contact details of the customer and delivered his belongings to him. The customer was delighted by the integrity of the staff and the Brand, and promised that all his future purchases will be from Peter England.

Narayana Amaraboina, Store Manager, and team

South  Jaggaiahpet, Andhra Pradesh

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