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Experts Speak: Sandeep Sengupta, VP, HR, Pantaloons Shares his interview dressing mantras

by ABFRLadmin | July 2, 2021

Its been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started and work from home became the new norm. From fresh graduates to those who had to pack up their cubicles due to the pandemic, there is a natural longing to re-enter the workspace, the prospect of attending virtual interviews can be daunting.

Sandeep Sengupta, Vice President, Human Resources, Pantaloons, knows how important first impressions can be. He shares impactful insights on how you can ace the interview for your dream job.

1.    First thing you notice about an interviewee.

The things that I notice are attire, communication style, and the overall personality and confidence. It is always a plus point when a candidate maintains eye contact and wears a genuine smile on their face.

2.    Important fashion areas to focus on while getting ready for an interview.

Focus on the overall grooming is essential. Aside from attire, it is important to sport a neat hairstyle and be well groomed overall.

3.    Colors to don for maximum impact.

Pastel, monochrome or solid colors are ideal.

4.    Blazers, are they in or out of fashion?

Blazers are always in! Women can team them up with trousers, pants, or pencil skirts. A stripped blazer works well with a monochrome dress.

5.    A must-have item for the perfect interview outfit.

I dont think there is one single perfect interview outfit. However, a candidate must always look confident and well-groomed. These are absolute musts!

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