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5 Reasons why employees call it quits!

by ABFRLadmin | November 29, 2023

Workplaces periodically see new faces and bid adieu to old loyalists. From retirement, relocation, to growth, many factors lead employees to change their paths and life goals. However, there are somethings between the line, often lost in translation. Here are top five reasons employees give to move away from an employer and what they really mean.

1. What they say: “I want to up my learning”

What they mean: I don’t get along with my manager

Often times, employees do not quit their jobs, they quit their managers. An ideal manager prioritizes team’s growth along with personal growth at workplace. They realize the difference between micromanaging and mentoring. A healthy manager-employee relation is the first step towards building something huge and communication is the key. But if it gets too much, it’s better to sever ties on a positive note.

2. What they say: “I need to focus on my health”

What they mean: I need a life beyond my laptop

Work-life balance means different things to different people. Creating and communicating boundaries becomes significant, especially when there is disconnect at work. If you find yourself glued to your laptop, despite this, it’s probably time to reconsider your priorities. A different approach that is more solution-oriented conversation solves this cryptic puzzle to sort differences amicably.

3. What they say: “I am planning to relocate”

What they mean: I feel my career is not evolving here

We all desire advancement in our career. But it is important to weigh your options and move towards the goals you set for yourself. If you have an action plan charted out, it’s time to lay the cards on the table. Communicate your goals to understand where you stand in the large scheme of things before making a move.

4. What they say: “I’m just taking a break”

What they mean: I don’t feel valued

It is human nature to desire being lauded for whatever small or big contributions we make. Feeling undervalued is real. That said, there is a thin line between the need to be valued and the need to feel validated. It is important to feel proud of your achievements, and ensure that they are communicated on the right platform at the correct time. However, if you feel hesitation or can’t create those opportunities, it is time to rethink your possibilities.

5. What they say: “I’m jumping at an XX% hike”

What they mean: I feel I am underpaid for my work.

As times change, the disruptions in the real world can bring a lot of uncertainties. As specialist jobs become sparse and valued in equal measure, it is important to know your worth, not just in terms of finances, but also in a role that pushes you to be the best. Before looking at just a package, it is best to step back and take a holistic check of what is on offer and what you stand to lose. A well-rounded communication with your supervisor and HR partner can help you make the best decision for your career progression.

In a turbulent job market, both the employer and employee hold the reigns to achieving stability. There will be times when an offer checks all the boxes, yet you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Before you take a final call, ensure that you’ve tried your best, and if things still don’t seem bright, it is best to leave on a positive note.

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Fredrick Hoppe
Fredrick Hoppe
5 months ago

I’ve shared this with my colleagues, it’s too good not to.

Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart
4 months ago

This blog post is packed with great content!

Donny Klein
Donny Klein
3 months ago

You make complex topics easy to understand.