Your Office Secret Santa Cheat Sheet

You open your inbox to find that one email staring you in the face. The email that both excites and scares you every single year. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the Secret Santa email.

Office Secret Santa can make you scratch your head in confusion, wondering what to buy for your colleagues, or even scarier, your boss.

While times have changed to bring us to a ‘New Normal’, you may not be following a conventional secret Santa route this year around. If your organization is still ensuring the Christmas cheer stays intact by taking the online route, to help you navigate this fun yet confusing world, here is a cheat sheet you can follow to enjoy the joy of gifting.

For acquaintances

The trick with colleagues you don’t know, is that you are lost when it comes to their preferences. Here are some gifting options that almost everyone is bound to love! 

Gift a smart Pantaloons gift card

When in doubt, let your colleagues decide what to buy for themselves. All you have to do is get them a gift card for Pantaloons, with a lot of shopping options available for themselves and their loved ones.

You can never go wrong with a Pantaloons Gift card!

The attractive enamel print bottle from Pantaloons

It is important to stay hydrated during the chaos of work life, and you can inspire your colleagues to do it in style. With enamel print bottles, you can give them an eye-catching desk accessory that also keeps them hydrated during the day.

Sustainable and traditional gifts need not be boring!

Simon Carter adds right gifting quirkiness with a lapel pin

A lapel pin is a great way to make a subtle statement, no matter what their dressing style. Gift your colleague the indispensable gift of style with artfully crafted bold lapel pins. You can choose from a range of styles and patterns available only at Simon Carter.  

With friends, you can gift a quirky and swanky item without inhibitions

For close colleagues

There are colleagues who have become friends over time. You spend your days with them, gossiping over tea and catching up over coffee. Secret Santa is the perfect time to show them how much you care.

The classy Peter England cufflinks 

Cufflinks are a great gift for people you are close to as you can choose patterns and styles that reflect their personality. For men, it gives them that added edge when they need it the most. Browse through Peter England’s collection to find the one that best reflects their style and personality.

Cufflinks need not be boring, cute is in!

The sleek Allen Solly laptop bag

This is a thoughtful and stylish gift for working women that will keep them going while chasing their dreams. You can browse through the range of sleek and stylish laptop bags at Allen Solly till you find a style that screams power-woman.

Being in style is never out of fashion

The dapper Louis Philippe Tie

If you feel like the tie is a gifting option that has been overdone, you need to check the range of ties available at Louis Philippe. With new, stylish, and attention-grabbing patterns, these ties make for incredible gifting options.

Getting dapper at the end of the year is a great idea

For when you want to impress

If there is someone in office you want to make a good impression on, like your boss or a senior manager, this is your chance to do so. Here are some gifting options that are sure to make them sit up and take notice of you.

The ultimate Van Heusen suave combination

The coordinated Van Heusen tie, pocket square, and cufflink combination will be their dapper companion in boardroom meetings. Simply observe the colour they wear to office and pick a set accordingly.

When in doubt, try a combination gift

The handy and trendy Ted Baker bag

One of the best gifts to impress is a bag. While picking a bag, ensure you choose a trendy and classic style that they will love. You can find a range of such bags only at The Collective

A great bag is a thoughtful gift

The mesmerising Jaypore wall art

This is a great choice that is both stylish yet respectful. It can brighten up both the office or the home, depending on their personal choice. If you feel clothing or accessories are too personal to gift, wall art from Jaypore is the way to go.

Home décor is a wonderful way standout

By following this cheat-sheet, you can brighten up their Christmas with thoughtful, useful, and endearing gifts. All you have to do is choose gifts that do all the talking for you. 

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