Thoughtful and Memorable Secret Santa Gifts from ABFRL Brands

With everything we have undergone in the past year, there is a sense of excitement to look forward to the annual Secret Santa ritual at the office. From getting the list of participating colleagues ready and finally drawing out names, there’s so much fun and excitement to it!

If you are looking at gifting something that will make you the best Secret Santa ever, here is a bag of goodies from ABFRL Brands to buy from and give your loved ones something special and memorable this year.

Dapper Men are life of the party

The most difficult part of picking a gift for the guys getting creative. When in doubt, accessories are the perfect choice for the fashionably aware and style-conscious men of today. These are perfect for almost all occasions, across various budgets, so you won’t have to fuss about overspending during festivities. 

Classics to the rescue

You can never go wrong with classics and here’s an option of a casual and chic wallet from Forever 21 in a stunning  blue with a micro-pattern all over. Perfect to be paired with a shirt and denim look, your friend is sure to look dapper at the next Sunday brunch!

Budget pick: A casual and chic blue wallet from Forever 21

Formal and chic

What makes a man’s formal dressing complete? A pair of cufflinks that make him look quirky, classy and sophisticated all at once! Shop for these cool black cufflinks from Peter England which are a class apart from the rest.

Somewhere in between: Quirky black cufflinks from Peter England

Dapper in every look

There are some people whom you look up to and there is no better time to tell them how much you value their wisdom in your life. This combo set of a pocket square and a pair of cufflinks from Van Heusen is a great way to show your gratitude for the mentors who bring the best out of you.

For those you look up to: Chic combo set from Van Heusen

Happy Girls are the Prettiest

Thoughtful gifts always make a girl happy, no matter what you get them. Gift your colleague something purposeful and effortless that would make them jump with glee.

Prep for the new year in style

A new year brings in a wave of possibilities, and more so now. From resolutions, to work notes and travel plans, cute planners will encourage your friends out of gloomy time to look up for a brighter future. This pretty graphic diary from Forever 21 in a soothing peach hue is sure to keep Monday morning blues at bay of your favourite co-worker.

Budget pick: Stay organized and up to date with graphic diary from Forever 21

Bling therapy for happiness

Most women love jewellery, and subtle and minimal gold has more takers that you can imagine. Why go with one when you can gift more? Pick these 3-pack bracelets with semi-precious stones  American Eagle to add festive cheer this winter.

Somewhere in between: Arm yourself with bracelets from American Eagle

Feel good, look great!

Pretty girls look prettier when they dress up. An easy way to organize your makeup items and keep it clean is using a makeup pouch. This gorgeous pouch from The Collective gives you enough room to store all makeup essentials at home, work or for travel. Adorned with a glossy finish and bow this will make your BFF bonds stronger.

For special friends: Look pretty always with this gorgeous makeup pouch from The Collective

Think about the Planet with Sustainability

With many switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainable products that look equally stylish are talk of the season. These are timeless classics with a modern edge to them. Usually hand-made with a rich background of stories of Indian craftsmen, gifting these to someone would also reflect your own values as an eco-conscious individual.

The last straw

It party season, and what’s more fun than a touch of tropical bliss to your drinks and to transport you to a sun-drenched paradise? Bamboo straws are a fun, zero-waste swap for disposable plastic straws. From young to old, everyone can use these durable and long-lasting ten handmade, plant-based natural bamboo straws from Jaypore without fear.

Budget pick: Transport yourself to tropical paradise with natural bamboo straws from Jaypore

Lead a healthier lifestyle

For the health conscious, this set of coconut bowls from Jaypore is perfect for serving fruit smoothies and tempting rice bowls. These bowls are made from coconuts discarded as waste after their juice and flesh has been used. Each bowl is unique and it is not advisable for piping hot foods. Keep them fresh and polished with coconut oil. These are perfectly natural and environment friendly.

Somewhere in between: Natural and environment friendly  coconut bowls from Jaypore

Store in style:

Woven with a lot of love and care in the villages of Madhya Pradesh, these stackable storage baskets from Jaypore, have a plethora of uses around your home, from stacking clothes to kid’s toys. Crafted in warm hues of natural beige, these lend an earthy and understated vibe to the entire space where kept in.

For special friends: Jaypore’s  storage baskets are a great way maintain to a decluttered home

Gifting is truly an art, and gifting with love and conviction matters the most. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

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