The transformative journey. Lessons from ABFRL’s Leaders

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

The transformation has begun. There is a new sense of awakening among people that is transcending boundaries. While on one hand, Governments across the world are working tirelessly to come to terms with the pandemic, the corporate world has emerged with a unique narrative to engage with its workforce. Traveling for work seems to be a distant reality. Office meetings, lunch breaks, birthday celebrations in office have undergone a digital twist.

There is a sense of urgency to create a new work life balance within the confines of the home. Globally, several organizations have adopted the new normal ‘Work from Home’ culture in a manner that looks so effortless. Corporate Leaders across the world are engaged to build innovative ideas to work and create a camaraderie among its co-workers.

At ABFRL, our Leaders continue to work tirelessly to build a new rhythm to cope with the new realities of business, our people and the consumers. The path might look tough, but they inspire us to focus and look ahead. They believe in themselves and have faith in their teams. 

Here are the words of wisdom from our Leaders for ‘WFM’ that makes us stand tall as we work together to build a new future.

Vishak Kumar

CEO, Lifestyle Brands

  • Remind yourself every day of your larger purpose – to make the organization and team successful.
  • Have a clear work plan for the month and a plan for the day.
  • Build a working rhythm – this must include a clear, designated space for work and timings; create a nice “work place”.
  • Dress appropriately – at least in a collared shirt or t-shirt and trousers/jeans- avoid shorts, pajamas etc.
  • Tell your family before you start for work – so that you can get “into the zone”.
  • Take short, structured breaks – just like you would at the office.
  • Use the camera while on Teams or Zoom calls – to create a warmer connection with the other person.
  • Be very patient with technology – get used to downtime on connectivity.

Sooraj Bhat

CEO, Fast Fashion Business

  • Stay safe and take special care if you have older parents staying with you.
  • Enjoy time with family, participate in household work and share the burden.
  • Stay connected and engage with your team.
  • In your management, get more structured, delegate and improve productivity.
  • Participate in new projects and share knowledge within your company.

Current Favorite Quote: Never Waste a good crisis- Winston Churchill

R Swaminathan

Chief Supply Chain Officer, ABFRL

  • Communicate the need to have new standards of personal hygiene at home and the office.
  • Stay emotionally connected with your team, enquire about the safety of dear ones staying away from them especially elders.
  • The world is going to change dramatically; dedicate one hour every day to learn about digital.
  • It is important to connect with your professional network and understand how they are planning to handle this crisis.
  • Don’t forget to socialize, stay connected with family and friends.
  • Pick up a new hobby which engages your family as well.

Current Favorite Quote: Why should anyone change? To not just survive but to thrive!

Dr Naresh Tyagi

Chief Sustainability Officer, ABFRL

  • Stay safe and take care of your family and beyond.
  • Communicate and connect regularly with your team in this challenging time.
  • Unlearn obsolete practice and re-learn new skills to deal with the new normal.
  • Harness your hobby into passion to enjoy work-life balance.
  • Compassion and care is the best way to pass through these tough challenges and pandemic situations.
  • Cherish the value of co-existence and appreciate the value of small things in life.

Current Favorite Quote: Crisis is the time to learn, innovate and adapt to new normal for sustainable growth.

Praveen Shrikhande

Chief Digital and Information Officer, ABFRL

  • Have planned meetings with all your teams regularly.
  • Encourage everyone to turn on the video for some time, particularly when they talk so they feel comfortable.
  • Endeavor to keep a work-life balance for you and your team.
  • Actively use chat rather than calls, as it is less intrusive. Alert on chat before calling.
  • Take care of your own and your family’s health and wellbeing, that’s the most important thing in current times.
  • Be comfortable with flexi-hours, as people at home can’t always segregate office timings from housework and family time.

Jagdish Bajaj

Chief Financial Officer, ABFRL

  • Remain cool and calm in this time.
  • Remain connected with your colleagues, buddies and friends.
  • Think twice before you act- learn to filter our information.
  • Remain positive – apna time bhi aayega.
  • Spend time with family and participate in household work.  

Let us work together to make the world around us a happy place and spread joy and happiness boundary less!

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