Rewind 2021: An Action Packed Year Of Innovation, Sustainability And Good Vibes

As we look back and reminisce, 2021 has been full of countless lessons and blessings, with some being easy and many others challenging. The only thing that remains unchanged is the unrelenting spirit of our people to face challenges head on.

We reflect on this remarkable journey with our leaders and change makers at ABFRL to show how they have truly inspired us to move ahead and make dreams come true.

Sustainable Today for a Greener Tomorrow

ABFRL has been instrumental in leading the way forward for the apparel industry and our leaders emphasized the importance of persistence and resilience. While we achieved many of our business goals in 2021, our efforts in the sustainability journey have been lauded with many awards and accolades. What kept inspiring the workforce was the untiring efforts to achieve everything in tandem with the environment and social landscape, and help the world become more sustainable, every day.

Innovative Leadership with a Purpose

From being true visionaries, to taking ABFRL to greater heights, our Leaders have steered the Company in a direction of growth that was admirable during a difficult time across the globe. Being true and genuine thought leaders, they have propelled the Organization to further growth and towards an avenue of fresh opportunities, bringing innovation and empathy together to achieve a myriad of goals within time and effectively. This has unlocked the key to greater success, which is innovation with an empathetic and results driven approach that truly helped us touch lives.

Spreading Good Vibes, Thoughtfully

We at ABFRL, celebrated Valentine’s Day in a meaningful manner, wherein our change makers emphasized on the importance of core human values of love and support, which helped our employees feel truly seen and heard at their workplace. 

Inspiring Power Women Everywhere

Our women leaders exemplified how learning begins with one’s own family and how they can take this legacy forward. They leveraged listening to their own voice to make significant professional decisions and have been rewarded for the same. These leaders have shattered stereotypes and shown that if you are passionate about your work, it definitely pays off. The key to living a successful life is to balance work and play and growing steadily in the Organization.

We, at ABFRL, take pride in our strong empathetic leadership as shown by these true visionaries who go beyond what is expected of them and deliver every time, fostering a culture of sustainable growth.

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