Redefining work efficiency for in-store employees with ALTLife App

As we at ABFRL advance on “Digital Transformation” journey, the swift adoption of digital technologies has helped us enhance customer experience. Being an employee-centric Organization, we aspire to make our employees’ lives easier by improving our digital footprint internally as well. While Zoe, ABFRL’s virtual HR employee partner exponentially increases employee work-life efficiency for employees, the newly launched ALTLife App is a step forward to delight our frontline staff, freeing up crucial time to continue giving exemplary service to our customers. 

This application acts as a career booster for our store employees. Employees can constantly upskill themselves by accessing learning modules on the go. Additionally, they can access internal job openings and apply for them. They can even refer a friend for a job and request and initiate transfer requests for themselves. Furthermore, it allows them to record and regularize their attendance and raise grievances. 

All in all, it tremendously eases the work-life of a store employee. 

Here is what some of our retail employees had to say about the degree of efficiency the application brings about in their daily work life:

Today, digitalization has seeped into almost every aspect of a business. As an Organization that puts its employees first, we are delighted to be planning and investing in digital initiatives that allow our employees to be met with efficiency every step of the way. 

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