Recognition and Appreciation Go a Long Way’: Dikshit Shetty, Store Manager, Louis Philippe

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Our star Store Manager from Louis Philippe, Dikshit Shetty, shares the secret behind his popularity, rapid growth and fantastic sales figures at his store. His journey of becoming the Store Manager from a Senior CCA at the same store is what all his peers at ABFRL would wish to emulate.

Can you describe your journey at ABFRL?

My journey at ABFRL started at the Louis Philippe store as Senior Customer Care Associate in 2014. With my performance graph rising, Prashanth Hegde (Regional Retail Manager, West, Louis Philippe) encouraged me and I was promoted as an Assistant Store Manager (ASM) in 2015. In 2017, I became a Store Manager (SM). I have enjoyed a lot of success and new learnings in my 6-year journey with ABFRL and I strive to continue giving my best to the Organization in future.

You have been a consistent high-performer. What is your recipe for success?

My key recipe for success is that I never stopped learning and have always implemented the lessons learnt in my work. As a Manager, my priorities include Team Management skills and Store Operations. As my Senior Manager often says, operations is the key factor that drives maximum sales, which is only possible with a great leader and the best team. Hence I strive to create the best team and maintain high operational standards in my store.

Who is your role model and why?

I have 2 role models in life, one is my brother and other is Prashanth Sir. Despite several struggles in life, I consider my brother to be the most successful person in our entire family and I feel fortunate to have his guidance and affection in my life. Prashanth Sir is a role model for me and many of my peers as well. He taught me the nuances of team management, how to cultivate patience and how to drive sales. He has always worked towards the development of his team. Anyone who has worked with him, has seen a great spike in their career growth.

What is the one thing that you love most about your job?

I love that fact that I get to interact with so many people including customers, team members, and my seniors. Through these experiences and interactions, I have learnt many new things that have helped me grow personally and professionally.

According to you, how is ABFRL different from its peers?

ABFRL knows how to take care of its people and customers. I started my career with ABFRL and my efforts have always been recognized and appreciated by my seniors. I have seen the acknowledgement in form of certifications and promotions. The environment is always happy in ABFRL.

How do you strike a work-life balance?

I prioritize my work routine on a day-to-day basis. I finish my personal work during my weekly off. I meet my friends late in the night after I am done with work. In the morning, I spend most of my time talking to my mother. At work, I keep the second half of my day open for interactions with my team and customers.

Get to know me better

Get to Know Me Better

Name: Dikshit Shetty

Designation: Store Manager

Birthday: 31st August

Hometown: Mangalore

Alma Mater: Mumbai University

Favorite Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

Dream holiday destination: Spain

Manager’s Speak

Dikshit embodies the phrase “Being more than a manager”, as he is a well-disciplined, cultured, passionate and enthusiastic person. He has groomed himself and his team well in the Organization. He joined as a CCA in 2014 and with his hard work and dedication, he was promoted as ASM in one year and again as a Store Manager in 2017. He has managed his team very well and always lead by example, which is evident in the fact that in past two years, six members of his staff have been promoted to next level. Dikshit has also helped reduce staff attrition, which was quite high.

Narveer Singh

Area Retail Manager – Louis Phillipe, Karnataka

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