Next to excellence is the appreciation of it

– William Makepeace Thackeray

When we first mooted the idea of the Awards, the first question that we asked ourselves was—why do we need ABFRL Awards?

We work excruciatingly hard but we seldom take time off to love each other and celebrate each other’s achievement. I have no hesitation in saying that we ask more from our teams than we give. We need to restore this balance. ABFRL Awards is a step in the right direction towards this.

3,800 years of experience. That is the collective work experience of the people who participated in the first edition of the ABFRL Awards. Imagine the power of that when we come together, talk, share and learn with each other. And that can only happen when we get out of our comfort zones.

This is what the ABFRL Awards set out to do. To bring people out of their comfort zones, to harness the collective power that comes with the synergy of our talents and our perseverance and to provide a common platform.

Each of our businesses has some sort of recognition programme; and while these will continue, we needed an umbrella holding programme. This programme will encapsulate the best work that is getting done by all of us. So this is really the foundation of ABFRL Awards; to signify top-notch excellence in every sphere and in everything that we do.

That is our aim. We believe that the ABFRL Awards will highlight the most stretched performance standards for all of us. It will signify the highest levels of platinum results and platinum ways of working. That is the aim for all of us.

We draw a lot of inspiration from Aditya Birla Group and the ABG Chairman’s Awards. We would like to set up a high-quality institution in ABFRL so that the finest and the best get recognised.

We have created a rigorous process for these awards by inviting external jury members across industries who are industry veterans and from within ABG as well.

All the winners of the ABFRL Awards automatically form the consideration pool when we nominate candidates for the ABG Chairman’s Awards going forward. This new practice will also ensure that we are completely sure of the highest standards of excellence being showcased as nominees at the Aditya Birla Group.

While individual businesses and brands can have their cultures, we want to showcase a unique ABFRL culture. The ABFRL Awards stand for the fact that it is not just about Louis Philippe or Van Heusen or Pantaloons or Fast Fashion, it is really about One ABFRL. And we would like to drive this message across our organisation and in our teams that we are One ABFRL.

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